Thursday, July 18, 2019

Around the U.S.A. in 80 Musicals: Part IV: The Southwest

Maybe it's the summer heat and we are feeling like we live in a desert, but it seems like the perfect time to visit the Southwest in our tour of American musicals. Here's the fourth part of our series Around the U.S.A. in 80 Musicals celebrating that arid part of our nation.

Around the U.S.A. in 80 Musicals
Part IV: The Southwest


Girl Crazy


58. Girl Crazy - Setting: Custerville, Arizona (1930, Alvin Theatre, 272 performances)
59. Whoopee - Setting: Mission Rest, Arizona (1928, New Amsterdam Theatre, 407 performances)


Into the Light

60. Into the Light - Setting: Los Alamos, New Mexico (1986, Neil Simon Theatre, 6 performances)



61. Oklahoma! - Setting: Indian Territory (now Oklahoma), turn of the century (1943, St. James Theatre, 2,212 performances)


110 in the Shade

Hands on a Hardbody

The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas

Urban Cowboy

62. 110 in the Shade - Setting: July 4, 1936, Texas panhandle (1963, Broadhurst Theatre, 330 performances)
63. Hands on a Hardbody - Setting: The Floyd King Nissan Dealership, Longview, TX (2013, Brooks Atkinson, 28 performances)
64. The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas - Setting: The Great State of Texas (1978, 46th Street Theatre, 1,584 performances)
65. Urban Cowboy - Setting: Houston, Texas, Gilley's Bar (2003, Broadhurst Theatre, 60 performances)

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