Monday, November 11, 2019

Broadway Heat: Jagged Little Pill Edition: The Elimination Round

Looks like Jagged Little Pill is the talk of the town these days. So, you ought to know that we are  gearing up for the first of two Broadway Heat rounds in our quest to name the show's hottest cast member! Who do you think it'll be? A leading lady? An ensemblist? Or maybe a swing? This week, you can vote for up to 12 cast members. When this round is over, you'll have narrowed them down by half, as we continue our quest for THE HOTTEST BROADWAY MUSICAL CAST MEMBER OF 2019-2020!

The poll starts after the instructions!

Jagged Little Pill Edition: 
The Elimination Round

HOT on Broadway (adj): fierce, talented, big potential; 
has "buzz"; has "it" factor.

  • You may vote for UP TO 3 cast members in this round. There is a photo and check box for each person. You may tap or click to make each selection.
  • You will need to scroll down the ballot box to see all of them.
  • When you have made all of your selections, scroll to the bottom of the ballot and tap/click the "CLICK HERE TO MAKE YOUR VOTE COUNT" button. You MUST tap/click this button or your vote WILL NOT count! (The little "OK" button does NOT complete your ballot.)
  • Your vote/device information is completely anonymous. The ballot is secure and is NOT collecting any data other than votes.
  • You may vote more than once!


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