Friday, December 24, 2021

Broadway Games: Merry Christmas!

We here at JKTS wish you and yours the happiest of holidays! To celebrate, we have a (simple) game: match the picture to the show and the holiday song that goes with it.

Good luck!

Broadway Games:
Merry Christmas!

1.    2. 

3.    4. 


A. RENT        B. Annie        C. Mame
D. Holiday Inn        E. The Mystery of Edwin Drood

a. "White Christmas"     b. "We Need a Little Christmas"
c. "Christmas Bells"        d. "A New Deal For Christmas"
e. "No Good Can Come From Bad"

Broadway in the News

1. An original musical, Flying Over Sunset, opened on Broadway this week. It tells the fictional story of real-life celebrities, including all of these EXCEPT:

a. Aldous Huxley                      b. Claire Luce Booth
c. Archibald MacLeish             d. Cary Grant

2. Dear Evan Hansen made headlines for all of these reasons EXCEPT:

a. The show re-opened, starring Jordan Fisher.
b. Ben Platt made a pre-curtain speech on re-opening night.
c. The show premiered a fleet of Dear Evan Hansen blue cars that will roam the streets of New York.
d. Jordan Fisher and his wife announced that they are expecting their first child.

3. All of the following shows had to cancel performances due to COVID outbreaks EXCEPT:

a. Company                        b. Freestyle Love Supreme
c. Mrs. Doubtfire                d. Ain't Too Proud            e. Hamilton

4. Company made an appearance on which show this week:

a. Today                                        b. Today Third Hour
c. Live with Kelly and Ryan        d. Good Morning America

5. TRUE or FALSE: The Michael Jordan musical, MJ, began previews at the Neil Simon Theatre. (MJ did start previews, but it's about Michael Jackson, not Michael Jordan.

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