Saturday, September 12, 2009

Broadway on TV: More YouTube Commercials

YouTube has become a semi-addiction for me these days! Anyway, here are four more commercials from: Grand Hotel: The Musical, Disney's Tarzan, the recent revival of Sweet Charity, and from my favorite flop, Grind!

Up first: Grand Hotel: The Musical. This one is longer than the other one I posted, plus the picture is clearer and the poster added credits! Nice work!

Like I said before, this commercial (and even more, this version of it) would make me run to the theatre to buy a ticket.

Next: Sweet Charity

Unfortunately, this commercial comes of like I've heard the show actually was (I never saw it): cheap! The girls aren't all that sexy, and it is clear that there isn't much dancing. Christina Applegate looks decent, but not enough to erase my memories of the first revival with Debbie Allen and, later, Ann Reinking... that was the best, with real Fosse dancing and direction! Plus Bebe Neuwirth!

Next: Disney's Tarzan

This one I saw, three times. I know I'm in the minority here, but I really loved Tarzan. The first fifteen minutes are electrifying, Josh Strickland and Jenn Gambatese are perfection together and both as cute as buttons and sexy as hell. That said, I'd probably have bought a ticket based on the commercial, but not run to the box office. First, the old time photos mixed with the action looks cool, but I'd be disappointed that that wasn't too much in the show. Also, the "apes" look funny out of context. But the clips of Josh and Jenn and the song in the background would have made me more than interested, I think.

And finally: Grind

I probably can't be totally fair about this one... but I would definitely buy a ticket based on this ad. It is everything Broadway is known for... splashy costumes, stars (Ben Vereen and Stubby Kaye for two), plus dancing, pretty girls, a provocative title and it looks mysterious and glamorous and seedy all at once! And that was Grind in a nutshell. I like how they rewrote the opening number so you didn't need to know the show, but could follow what it is about.

What are your favorite ads?

Next time, I'll post some current ones.

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