Thursday, September 10, 2009

Looking Forward to Fall

Every theatre website seems to be posting "fall preview columns." So I thought I'd share what I am looking forward to this fall, show-wise... (assumes that "fall" runs September - November)


  • The Neil Simon Plays aka the revivals of Brighton Beach Memoirs and Broadway Bound. Why? Several reasons: Laurie Metcalf, a terrific actress, these are two of Simon's best works, I like both of the guys playing Eugene Morris Jerome, and I saw the original cast of Broadway Bound, and I'm looking forward to seeing how this company stacks up - Linda Lavin was awesome in the original.

  • After Miss Julie. Why? Mainly for the cast, including the adorable and supremely talented Jonny Lee Miller.

  • A Steady Rain. Why? Do you really have to ask? I have two words for you: Hugh Jackman. I'd watch him read the telephone book.


  • Bye Bye Birdie. Why? I love the score, the quaint, but very tight book, and I LOVE the cast - John Stamos (a shockingly amazing performance in Cabaret), Gina Gershon (a shockingly amazing performance in Cabaret, and an equally terrific comic turn in Boeing Boeing), the sweet Allie Trimm (say what you want about 13: The Musical, but she rocked that show!), and for the pure irony of it, watching Matt Doyle sing part of "How Lovely to Be a Woman." Plus I'm dying to see the inside of the "new" Henry Miller Theatre.

  • Memphis. Why? Because I think it is important to support completely original works early in their run and then later again if they are decent. Plus, I think Chad Kimball is an interesting actor, and I'd like to see him not only carry a show, but be in a huge, unexpected hit.

  • Ragtime. Why? I need to see if the show can be done in such a way that highlights the characters and story and isn't entirely about the staging. When I saw the original, I left the theatre thinking the best thing about it was something I already had - the Original Cast Recording. The original was soooo stagey that it became dull - like The Carousel of Progress in Disney World, only not nearly as clever.

I won't be negative, because I don't wish any new production anything but success, but you can tell what I am not interested in simply by looking at what isn't on my list.


  • Rock of Ages. Why? Because had I been doing this last season, it would not have made my list at all. BUT I can't stop playing the cast recording, most of the people I am seriously interested in seeing in it are still foing to be there, and I LOVE me some Kerry Butler, who joins the company for 6 months starting shortly.

What are you looking forward to the most this fall? Add a comment!


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