Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Glee Club

Well, it is Wednesday night and there is finally something decent to watch - Glee on FOX. It is a natural, of course, that someone into theatre would be drawn to what is basically a weekly musical. And I admit I LOVE the dancing and cool vocal arrangements, and the fact that - so far - I haven't had an unintended cringe at what they are doing. I mean I think that as an audience we were supposed to cringe at the ballsy/awkward/dirty/in-over-their-heads routine to "Push It" last week. And cringe I did.

To be completely honest, I thought that I'd be cringing more, but sticking with it to support some of my favorite Broadway actors. I thought we'd see much more of that weird choral group thing - show choir - that gets put up on YouTube to be laughed at rather than admired. But so far so good.

I think Lea Michele is doing a fantastic job of being annoying and pushy and Prima Donna-ish without annoying me, and her voice is great; her "Take a Bow" last week was better than the Rhianna version if you ask me. And natch, I enjoy the so far under used Jenna Ushkowitz (a Spring Awakening replacement/co-star). Who doesn't love the belty sassy Jennifer Hudson to be Amber Riley, either? And the kid in the wheelchair is also very good.

Full disclosure: in my book, Matthew Morrison can do no wrong. I find him charming, charismatic and sweet. Just fey enough to buy that he wouldn't work as a soccer coach, but manly enough to buy that he is a doting husband that still makes the girls swoon. And it goes without saying that uber-bitch cheerleading coach Sue Sylvester, aka Jane Lynch is supreme!

I wish that the jock (well acted and sung by Cory Monteith) and prissy queen (but well acted by Chris Colfer) weren't SO stereotypical, but judging by the mostly terrific writing so far, I bet we drift farther from these types and flesh out some interesting characters.

Still, the story with Morrison and his wife (Jessalyn Gilsig) has to go. It drags down the rest of the show, and it is an ugly storyline that feels extremely out of place with the rest of it. (I won't spoil it for those who might not have seen the show yet.) But definitely keep the story between Morrison and Jayma Mays , who plays the woeful and subtly funny (great counterpoint to Lynch) guidance counselor with a crush on the glee coach.

I am really looking forward to the cavalcade of Broadway talent coming to Glee as well - Victor Garber (Sweeney Todd), Debra Monk (Curtains), John Lloyd Young (Jersey Boys), Stephen Toboloski (Morning's at Seven)and Josh Groban (Chess) are on tonight and there are more to come!

Well, as I write this, episode three is getting ready to start. Let me know what you think about Glee!


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