Friday, January 1, 2010

The Boys of Broadway: Mr. January 2010

What better way to start the New Year with some talented Broadway beefcake? I think a great way to start off 2010 is with a guy with a great reputation (whether he's in a hit or a flop), a growing resume, clear talent and handsome, matinee idol looks. Whether he is sporting his natural curly locks or a sexy revolutionary ponytail, Mr. January makes the ladies sigh and the men... well, let's just say, he's the kind of guy all men wish they were friends with.

These days, his hair is a smidge shorter, but he has a stylish beard befitting the count he plays in the starry revival of A Little Night Music - he is one of several stars in the show. And, I understand he spends at least some of the show shirtless (artistic, I'm sure). I'll let you know when I see the show...

All kidding and playfulness aside, I think Aaron Lazar is the perfect choice for Mr. January 2010! Enjoy!

In black and white...

...or in color, Aaron Lazar is one good looking man!

And just look at how talented he is:

The show that brought him national recognition
via a PBS airing of The Light in the Piazza.

Viva la Revolution! Aaron as Enjorlas in the Les Miserables revival.

Besides joing The Phantom of the Opera and Oklahoma! on Broadway,
Aaron (center) also found time to star in a London production of On the Town.
Men in uniform...

Promoting his show for the Broadway Flea Market.
Looks good in a t shirt and jeans...

Aaron (left) with James Barbour in A Tale of Two Cities.
From the French Insurrection to the French Revolution, Aaron has style!

Aaron with Tony Yazbeck at Broadway Backwards. Nice bicepts!

Aaron at a Night Music press event. LOVE the beard!

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  1. I saw Aaron in A Little Night Music and he was wonderful. He's very gifted actor performer and with a body to die for. lol. When Aaron has his all very brief shirtless moment there is a sigh throughout the whole theater. Aaron play it up a bit more by going center stage shirtless and patting his chest. It's quite to see. I do hope that someone takes a picture of him shirtless.

  2. Hey, Tony!

    Thanks for reading and writing in!

    Yes, don't you love it when they are hot AND talented!!?? Makes the whole experience better.

    I search for a shirtless pic regularly. If you find one, send it in!

    Stay in touch!


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