Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Broadway Math

All the "back to school" ads on TV have inspired me to think "academically."  Below are 10 "math problems" where the numbers are made up numbers that have to do with Broadway songs, show titles and other show numbers.

HINT: Remember to do the math inside the parentheses FIRST!

The odd ones compute to "Broadway answers."  For the even ones, you just compute for a correct, if random, answer.  Good luck!

1.  Jason Robert Brown musical title multiplied by Val's "Looks" score equals The number of steps in the hit Hitchcock comedy thriller

2.  (Jean Valjean's number minus the number of Roger's "Glory" Song) divided by the number of Jacob's sons

3.  The number of short days in Emerald City plus the number of singular sensations plus the number of Freddie's nights in Bangkok plus the number of "kinsmen" in Drood equals the number of Guys Named Moe

4.  The time, as a whole number, the Grey Gardens train is due to arrive from Manhattan plus (the number of Brides times the number of Billy Crystal Sundays)

 5.  The number of Degrees of Separation multiplied by the number of "worlds" in a Tarzan song equals the number of Angry Men

 6.  ((The number of minutes in a Rent year divided by the number of Little Indians) plus the year Big River won the Tony for Best Musical) divided by the last number in the Dolly Parton musical title

 7.  The year song title in The Story of My Life minus the title of 1969's Best Musical equals the number of people who just got off of the train

8.  The year La Cage aux Folles most recently won the Best Musical Revival Tony minus the year La Cage aux Folles first won the Tony for Best Musical Revival plus the year La Cage aux Folles won the Tony Award for Best Musical

9.  (The number of languages Marcy Park speaks multiplied by the number "it takes" in Into the Woods) multiplied by (The Best Musical of 1982 minus the last digit in Valjean's number) multiplied by (the number of "posters" in the I Do, I Do bed multiplied by which Spelling Bee is being held in Putnam County) multiplied by Val's "Dance" score equals the amount of the winnings of the Lottery in In the Heights

10.  The total number of Tony Awards won by Hairspray multiplied by (the year In the Heights won Best Musical minus the year Contact won Best Musical)

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