Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Year 3, Day 1

Please forgive the following exercise in self-indulgence...

If I were a Broadway producer, today would be the day I add "3rd Smash Hit Year!" to all of my advertisements!

Two years ago today, I sat at this very computer and started writing about something I love... theatre.  That day, I had no idea of the magnitude of what I was getting into.  That there are thousands of people out there who love the arts as much as I do; that so many of us write about it.  What a great discovery!

I have learned so much not only about theatre, but about myself.  And for that, I thank all of you who read this little piece of the blogosphere, regularly or when the content suits you.  Whether you stop by every day or once in awhile, I appreciate your taking the time. 

This time last year, I made three wishes for the year just past:

1. That I can continue to work on making this the best blog I can make it be.  I think I have made the quality of this blog better than ever, with plenty of room for improvement.  I hope I can continue to bring you all of the things you have come to expect and to make room for the things you would like to read about.  I look forward to more Broadway Boys and Ladies (your favorites), show reviews, and series.  And I hope to add more about regional theatre, national tours, and make better use of Twitter!

2. That more of you will share experiences and thoughts about my blog entries and theatre in general. PLEASE WRITE IN!  Well, you certainly made that wish come true!  Thank you all for your comments, feedback, emails and Tweets!  And thank you to all of you who contribute by sending in your favorite quotes from shows, your personal experiences at the same shows I see, and your contributions of reviews.  I also listen to your suggestions.

3. That all of us have the privilege and ability to see great theatre at any venue we are lucky enough to get to!  Boy, have I been lucky this year!  Every new musical that opened on Broadway last season... a couple of trips to the D.C. area to see regional theatre (Chess at Signature Theatre), the Kennedy Center (the National Tour of next to normal), and even a few National Touring shows.  I have also had the privilege of seeing some interesting local theatre (I never write about neighbors).  Goal met!  Of course, is there any way to see everything?  No way!  And so, I continue to expand! 
So what is ahead for JK's TheatreScene?  Well, as I said, I listen to you!  After all, you are who I do this for... so:

  • More reviews of shows that are off-Broadway and beyond.  In fact, I have tickets for a few shows off-Broadway - The Submission at MCC, and tickets to TWO New York Musical Theatre Festival Shows.  And there is Carrie...
  • More blogs about theatre legends... Who knew so many of you love Bob Fosse as much as I do?  Look for stuff about Carol Channing, Boris Aaronson and Michael Bennett this fall...
  • And, yes, I will do more series about landmark shows AND flops (your response to Grind, Part I has been very encouraging).

  • Look for more what you like: Broadway Boys, Girls and games. I promise I will do another crossword puzzle, soon! And, yes, more jigsaw puzzles! (If you only knew how easy those are to do!)
  • And less about Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark (I will be reviewing the CD shortly, though), Stephen Sondheim, and no more Jeopardy! games.  I will do my best, but it will be difficult to talk  about Follies without talking Sondheim, and who knows what media blitz Spider-Man will come up with next?  So I can only promise that I will only write about them when they are newsworthy only.  Fair enough? 
Again, thank you all!
P.S.: For my most ardent fans: The third Broadway show I walked out on at intermission was...  the revival A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum starring Nathan Lane.  He was NOT the reason why I left.  Stay tuned for the blog about THAT eventful day...

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