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POLL RESULTS: Andrew Lloyd Webber's Next Project...

Perhaps the most interesting thing about the responses to this most recent poll ISN'T the results, but rather the write-in responses I got from you!  Not counting the emails you sent me commenting on the choices that were given, I got almost as many emails offering other suggestions for Lord Lloyd Webber as I did in the actual official poll.

But first, lets's take a look at the poll as it was completed, along with some of your pertinent comments:


POLL QUESTION: Aside from the upcoming revival of EVITA, which potential Andrew Lloyd Webber project would you be MOST interested in seeing?

  • 42% - Aspects of Love revival: Several of you mentioned that you felt this was his most under-appreciated show.  And Jack S. from New York City wrote: "I saw the recent London revival and found it much more compelling with a minimalist staging.  Michael Arden was terrific, though the rest of the cast is what has probably held it back from a Broadway revival."

  • 27%  - Love Never Dies: I think this one got the most email response from you readers.  About 1/3 of  you who wrote in on this topic had this to say and PareDeMel from Yonkers, NY put it best.  "I am willing to watch the DVD that is coming out, and if it is good, I'll probably go see it when it comes to Broadway."  The other 2/3 of you said, like TuneMan45 from Washington, DC put it: "I think Lloyd Webber should quit while he's ahead.  The Phantom of the Opera is his crowning achievement.  Why muddy the waters?"

  • 26% -  The Wizard of Oz: Of the emails I got on this topic, I'd say it was 50/50 for and against.  Interestingly, most of you who were "for" the show weren't really interested in Lloyd Webber's contributions, but really wanted to see a full, special effects laden extravaganza of this beloved classic that only Lloyd Webber could afford.  Those of you "against" had this to say, again almost unanimously: no one will ever top the film version, and all of the stage versions are so cheesy and done to death.  In short, this group seems sick of the show no matter who wrote it or tried to improve it.  And more than a few of you mentioned Wicked and how tired you are of it, and all things Oz.

  • 5% - Cats revival:  The few of you that were for this let your votes speak for themselves.  All of you that wrote on this topic said basically the same two things: either it is way too soon to bring it back or the record-breaking run was enough.  I had to chuckle at Grace W's comment: "I barely got the last disgusted fur ball out of my throat since the original closed!  Now he wants more?  No thank you!"

Like I said, though, it was all of the "other" comments you sent in that was most interesting (especially since "Other" wasn't a choice)!

  • About 1/3 of you wrote in that you were interested in the much buzzed-about Des McAnuff/Stratford production of Jesus Christ Superstar.  The vast majority of you said you were interested in a fresh take on this classic.  A couple of you said you'd like to see the new version, but were getting weary of the most recent Broadway revival version, which continues to tour the country in various incarnations, and which is available on DVD.

  • Five of you wrote in to suggest that it was time that Broadway saw productions of The Beautiful  Game and Whistle Down the Wind.  Another four of you wrote in to suggest a thoughtfully produced and created revue of Lloyd Webber's work be created, along the lines of Sondheim on Sondheim.  Julie B. of Brooklyn, NY made me laugh when she wrote, "Jeff, can't you just imagine a Webber on Webber show?  Even James Lapine probably couldn't get Sir Andrew to shut up about himself!"

  • But the overwhelming majority of you - more than all of the other votes combined - said you were looking forward to an announcement that Andrew Lloyd Webber would be retiring.  Again, a lot mentioned that you felt his masterpiece is The Phantom of the Opera, and he should just let that run and be happy at that.  Still others mentioned his lack of original material becoming enough of a hit in the last decade and a half (not since Sunset Boulevard).  It seems the only thing that would really interest you beyond a retirement announcement would be if he'd start working with Tim Rice again.

Which, I suppose, brings us back to the upcoming revival of Evita.


Elaine Paige appeared in which show on Broadway?

A.  Cats
B.  Evita
C.  Song and Dance
D.  Sunset Boulevard

Look for questions 3, 4 and 5 which will appear in tomorrow, Thursday and Friday's blogs.

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  1. ---Very interesting results, but they would be more interesting, useful, and valid if you said how many responses there were. 42% of 30 people counts for little. 42% of 300 would have more meaning. 42% of an even larger number would be significant, I think.


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