Wednesday, August 17, 2011

If They Could See Him Now: The Bob Fosse Stamp

One of my theatre heroes, Bob Fosse, will be honored in 2012 by the United States Postal Service will commemorate great choreographers,  Fosse's will be one of four stamps in the series.  Another theatre hero of mine, James McMullan, did the painting depicted on the stamp.  On it, Mr. Fosse is shown rehearsing Sweet Charity, with hat, cane and rolled shoulder indicating the number is "If They Could See Me Now."

Among his many honors are an Oscar for the film version of Cabaret, an Emmy for Liza with a "Z" and two Tonys for Pippin, all earned in the same season.  He was nominated for another two Oscars for his direction of Lenny and All That Jazz.  His other 7 Tonys were for choreographing The Pajama Game, Damn Yankees, Redhead, Little Me, Sweet Charity, Dancin' and Big Deal.

Click HERE for more information on the stamp.
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