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Think About Your Life: A PIPPIN Quiz

I don't know about you, but I am super excited about Pippin's return to Broadway this spring.  I love the score, all the interpretive possibilities, that the Fosse style of dance will remain a part of the show, and the cast is EXCITING.  (I hope they all stay with it...)

To celebrate this great news, here's a little Pippin quiz... how much do YOU know about the show?  The answers are at the very bottom.  Good luck!


1.  TRUE or FALSE: Including the forthcoming revival, Pippin will have played 3 Broadway theatres with a West 45th Street address.

2.  TRUE or FALSE: Pippin was conceived for the Broadway stage directly.

3.  TRUE or FALSE: The original production of Pippin ran longer than all of the other nominees for Best Musical it was up against in 1973.

4.  TRUE or FALSE: Pippin's television commercial is widely recognized as an advertising fluke because, while it helped Pippin's ticket sales, it actually brought other shows down at the box office.

5.  TRUE or FALSE: Much like the maligned production of Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark, Pippin suffered a lot of creative "growing pains," resulting in an extended preview period.

6.  Pippin won Tony Awards for all of the following, EXCEPT:
          a. Best Lighting Design
          b. Best Costume Design
          c. Best Scenic Design

7.  Bob Fosse won the Tony for both direction and choreography for which show?
          a. Little Me
          b. Sweet Charity
          c. Chicago
          d. Pippin

8.  Which record company made the Original Broadway Cast Recording of Pippin?
          a.  Columbia Records
          b.  RCA Victor
          c.  Motown Records
          d.  Decca Records

9.  All of the following original cast members appeared in Bob Fosse's film All That Jazz EXCEPT:
          a.  Leland Palmer
          b.  Ben Vereen
          c.  Jill Clayburgh
          d.  Ann Reinking

10.  Before appearing in the original cast of A Chorus Line, which actor/dancer was a replacement in Pippin?
          a.  Priscilla Lopez
          b.  Donna McKechnie
          c.  Robert LuPone
          d.  Sammy Williams

11.  TRUE or FALSE: Irene Ryan died during a performance of Pippin.  She had just finished singing "No Time At All."

12.  TRUE or FALSE: Bob Fosse infamously prohibited Stephen Schwartz and Roger O. Hirson from final rehearsals.

13.  TRUE or FALSE: One of the guys who replaced John Rubenstein as Pippin went on to help write both Footloose and Carrie for the stage.

14.  TRUE or FALSE: The three dancers in the above picture are known as "The Assassin's Trio."

15.  TRUE or FALSE: The Baltimore Orioles, as part of their ad campaign "Orioles Magic," would play "Magic To Do" at the start of each home game as the team took the field.

16.  Though it is not on the cast recording, Theo sings a song called what?

17.  The original Broadway production had how many intermissions?

18.  Who is un-credited as a book writer for Pippin?

19.  Though largely fictional, Pippin is based on two real-life people.  They are:

20.  Tony Walton designed the sets for Pippin.  What else did he design for the original production?


1.  TRUE: The original production opened at the Imperial and transferred to the Minskoff.  The revival will play the Music Box.  All three are on West 45th Street.

2.  FALSE:  It was originally written by Stephen Schwartz as a college showcase called Pippin, Pippin.

3.  TRUE:  With 1,944 performances, Pippin outlasted A Little Night Music (Best Musical), Don't Bother Me, I Can't Cope and Sugar, the other nominees for Best Musical of 1973.

4.  FALSE:  This is only half true - it turned Pippin into a huge hit, and it is recognized as the first television commercial for a Broadway show.

5.  FALSE: While the show had some notorious issues during rehearsals, it had exactly 5 previews before opening night.

6.  B: Patricia Zipprodt lost the Tony to Florence Klotz' work on A Little Night Music.

7.  D:  Pippin!  He was nominated for both awards for the other 3, but did not win both.

8.  C:  Motown Records, which also co-produced the show.  Decca Records re-released it a few years ago.

9.  C:  Jill Clayburgh was not in the film.

10.  A:  Priscilla Lopez, who went on to play Diana in A Chorus Line, replaced Leland Palmer as Fastrada.

11.  FALSE: One of the great Broadway myths, the late Ms. Ryan died in her home state of California.  She did, however, actually suffered a stroke offstage during a performance.  She was hospitalized and went home to Santa Monica on doctor's orders.

12.  TRUE: Fosse pretty much took over, giving Pippin its style and darkness.  Hirson's, in particular, suffered, as Fosse largely re-wrote the book.  See number 18.

13.  TRUE: Dean Pitchford, a former Pippin, went on to write lyrics for Footloose, Carrie and The Boy From Oz.

14.  FALSE: They are known as "The Manson Trio."

15.  TRUE:  Who says Broadway and sports don't mix?

16.  "Prayer for a Duck"

17.  None.  It ran for two straight hours.  Sometimes, newer productions have put one in following "Morning Glow."

18.  Bob Fosse.  See number 12.

19.  Charlemagne and his son Pippin.  Some historians have spelled the latter "Pepin" and "Peppin."

20.  He designed the now iconic logo.


18 - 20 Correct: GLORY!  GLORY!  GLO-O-O-O-O-RY!

17 - 15 Correct: You are EXTRAORDINARY!

14 - 11 Correct:  Well, you are no Leading Player, but at least you know some of the show's SIMPLE JOYS!

10 or fewer Correct:  There's MAGIC TO DO in your future if you want a higher score next time!


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  1. I saw the new production in previews. I'm usually not a huge fan of the show, but this version is spectacular. Literally. It is a spectacle. It is engaging, entertaining, and magical. Patina Miller is amazing. Her Fosse, singing, and presence really capture the stage. See it! (You're in Vermont. It's playing for another 2 weeks at the A.R.T. Single seats are probably quite accessible. It's worth the drive down!)


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