Thursday, February 14, 2019

Broadway Valentines

Move over, Romeo and Juliet! Love is in the air on Broadway this season! There's a little something for everyone - Cupid's arrow is a liberal one. Straight, gay, bi - every couple has their obstacles to mow over, and each couple has some of the strongest women the stage has seen in some time to make it happen. Ah, love...

Here are 5 of our favorite couples, in order of their opening night:

Pamela + Mopsa and Philoclea + Musidorus - Head Over Heels
Like so many couples, this pair of pairs went through a lot to be together - self-discovery, breaking the norm, a quest, and a prophecy by no less than the Oracle of Delphi. Thankfully, all four found The Beat and love was restored to the kingdom queendom. All in a day's work for the citizens of Arcadia!

Vivian and Edward - Pretty Woman: The Musical
It's your typical boy-meets-hooker story, really. But if you ask me, she saves him. Sure, she gets a Cinderella style makeover, but he's the one who's made better. She found an uptight, self-involved, greedy businessman and saw right through it. Faster than you can say "quid pro quo," she teaches him to love and find the fun side of life.

Ann and Kong - King Kong
Don't tell me for a second that there's not a love story up there. Find me anyone willing to risk their life and livelihood for me because it's the right thing to do, and I am there. Find me a guy willing to climb the Empire State Building, and I'm his forever. And let's face it, that is some major chemistry between a puppet an ape and his beloved.

Emma and Alyssa - The Prom
They shared the kiss heard round the world at the parade, but their romance comes to life eight times a week at the Longacre. Today's teens live in a much different world than I grew up in. This is about one seriously brave and mature young woman, fighting the status quo for the one she loves. Lives and attitudes are changed, the audience squirms in their seats with delight, and confetti flies. Life just as it should be when love wins the day.


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