Friday, September 20, 2019

The Friday 5: 5 BC/EFA Flea Market Things I Hope to Find

The third Sunday of September is one of my favorite days of each year. I love the BC/EFA Flea Market! (I appreciate the auction, but it is way out of my price range...) So this Friday 5 is what I hope to find while I'm there. (Use the email above & let us know what treasures you will be seeking!)

5 Things We Hope to Find
at the 2019 Broadway Flea Market

5. Star Gazing: Okay, so I don't do the autograph table, which would certainly allow me to see lots of celebrities. But I like my star sightings to be less formal. It's much more fun for me to chat briefly while making a purchase or just say "hello" as they pass by. I figure they don't want to be fawned over as they navigate the crowds on their way to work.  And it's funny, but more times than not, the low key interaction garners a nicer response. That said, as far as autographs go, I get my fair share of signed Playbills for the cause.

4. People Watching: Where else are you ever going to find as many like-minded people in one place? And, if we are honest with each other, theater lovers are a I love the spontaneous singing, the kids who are in a safe space to express their true selves, the older gentlemen who carry canvas tote bags. So much to see.

3. The Lights of Broadway Cards/Squigs Drawings: I love his artwork, and I've become a collector of these cards over the past year. So this will be my first time at that table. I hope to fill in a few holes in my collection!

2. Good Bargains: Well, duh! Since it's all for a charity I really believe in, it's difficult to get too upset if I see something at one table and buy it, then see it again, only cheaper. But hey, here's hoping I see some great deals. Side note: I really hope to avoid any snarky sellers like last year at the Pretty Woman table. Geez, I only asked if we could negotiate the price of a signed poster! "You do realize we are one of the hottest tickets in town, right?" Ha! Joke's on you...

1. Gifts for My Theater Pals: Armed with the knowledge of each of their favorite shows, my primary goal is to find some thing extra special for them. Last year, I found a one-of-a-kind doozy for Mike. The best part is both he and our friend Val are both doing the same thing for me! Then, we keep what we find as a secret until out annual holiday dinner party. They are the best! 

If you run into them, I'd love something from Dear Evan Hansen, Moulin Rouge, Head Over Heels... but, unless it is free, they can keep the Pretty Woman poster!

📸: Lights of Broadway Cards photo by Justin "Squigs" Robertson; other photos and images from Broadway Cares


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