Wednesday, September 18, 2019

LOGOS: The Lightning Thief

The Broadway version
Both Mike and I are looking forward to this show, hoping that this latest entry in the Broadway race to be a big show for a younger audience. We both hope it does better than last season's Be More Chill, which neither of us loved. We are going into it with virtually no knowledge of its source material (just as we did with BMC), and so, at this point, all we really have to go on is a few pictures from the national tour, and the show logo.

To be blunt, The Lightning Thief logo is rather, well...dull.  The color choices are good. I love that shade of blue, and the gold bolt is pretty sharp, if maybe a little too on the nose, especially how it looks textured. It reminds me of superheroes (The Flash, mostly) which seems to fit in with pictures I've seen. Is Percy Jackson a superhero or a super hero? The title font is where they could have really engaged the potential audience, and yet, they went with a white Arial (?) bold font!!?? I'm having flashbacks to the early days of Power Point when that slanted 3-D font treatment was cutting edge. Lazy or low-budget?

I like the brick. Why'd they get rid of it?

(Off-Broadway)I like the graffiti feel of this.
And the dark blue font.
This would look great on the brick background.

I think it is interesting that I actually prefer the off-Broadway version. There's something youthful, edgy, and even a bit mischievous about it. Fun. Ah, well. The show hasn't changed, just the logo did. Here's hoping the show is more exciting.

Grade: C


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