Friday, July 17, 2020

Broadway Games: Another Blended Marquee Jumble

Seems you all liked the last time we played this game, so here's another. You may need to use scratch paper to play this week's Broadway Game. This week's game asks you to use letters from the answers to each clue to figure out a "Blended Broadway Marquee!" 

Broadway Games:
Another Blended Marquee Jumble

The letters on the marquee atop the St. James Theatre need to change again. Instead of Flying Over Sunset Boulevard, the producers have decided to run two classic musicals in rep! The sign makers know that one show is by Stephen Sondheim and the other is by Rodgers and Hammerstein. Why, oh why didn't they write the titles down separately!? 


⎸⎸⎸⎸⎸   ⎸⎸⎸⎸⎸⎸⎸   ⎸⎸⎸⎸⎸⎸⎸⎸⎸

CLUES: Each box is one letter. Each box that is orange represents a letter that belongs on the marquee above.  Good luck!

1. He sure plays a mean pinball: ⎸⎸⎸⎸⎸
2. Theater District cheesecake place:
3. There she is... Godspeed...: ⎸⎸⎸⎸
4. Mame's bosom buddy: ⎸⎸⎸⎸
5. Broadway's Theater Magazine: ⎸⎸⎸⎸⎸
6. Porgy's woman: ⎸⎸⎸⎸
7. Bernadette on stage, Meryl on film: ⎸⎸
8. The Incident was this: ⎸⎸⎸⎸
9. Verdon's husband: ⎸⎸⎸⎸⎸ 
10. Rannells or Lloyd Webber: ⎸⎸⎸⎸⎸


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