Friday, July 10, 2020

Broadway Games: Where does that show take place?

Today's game is all about location, location, location! Do you know where some of your favorite shows take place? Well here are ten shows and ten flags. Match the show with the flag of the country where it takes place. Also, the answers to last week's game are below!

Broadway Games:
Where Does That Show Take Place?

MATCH THE FLAG TO THE SHOW: (The flags are even accurate to the time period of the show!)

A. Argentina              B. Australia            C. Austria                    D. England         
E. France                    F. Germany            G. Greece                        H. Ireland
I. Italy                        J. Japan                          K. Kenya                    L. Russia

M. Siam                        N. Spain                    O. Sweden

1.  2.   3.   
4.   5.   6.   
7.    8.   9. 
10.  11. 12.
13.   14.   15. 

*****   *****   *****


1. The original Spider Woman: CHITA RIVERA

2. The musical Pygmalion:  MY FAIR LADY

3. He plays Tony: ISAAC POWELL

4. Where Peter Pan lives: NEVERLAND

5. She a sparkling diamond at the Moulin Rouge!: SATINE

6. The Stage Manager narrates this classic play: OUR TOWN

7. Real life Funny Girl: FANNY BRICE

8. The Go-Go's Musical: HEAD OVER HEELS

9. Oh, those summer nights!: GREASE

10. This classic musical has real ups and downs: CAROUSEL


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