Friday, July 24, 2020

Broadway Games: Trivial Pursuit - Theater Edition

Growing up, playing games with family and friends was a beloved way to pass the time together. (Funny what isolation makes you miss!) One of our favorites was Trivial Pursuit. I always dreaded the Sports & Leisure category - that orange pie wedge was a frequently elusive little bugger! This week's Broadway Game is for all of you Trivial Pursuit fans out there!

How many wedges can you earn from the "cards" below? (Without looking up the answers, of course!) As with the original game, the categories are: geography, entertainment, history, arts and literature, science and nature, and sports and leisure.

Good luck!

GWhat are the three Broadway theaters with actual Broadway addresses?
EWhat was the venue for the 2019 Tony Awards?
HTRUE or FALSE: The miner's strike portrayed in Billy Elliot: The Musical really happened.
ALWhat is the most recent Broadway musical to win the Tony Award for Best Musical that was based on a novel?
SNWhat natural disaster is mentioned in Wicked and performed in The Wiz?
SLWhat team is featured in the musical Damn Yankees?

GWhat Broadway theater is the furthest uptown?
EWhat famous Broadway producer insisted that all of his shows had a predominantly red logo?
HWhat war is depicted in the play War Horse?
ALWhat show features "the oldest established permanent floating crap game in New York?"
SNWhat natural phenomenon is the basis of the show 110 in the Shade?
SLThe short-lived play Magic/Bird centers around what famous basketball players?

Look for the answers next Friday!

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Answers to last week's game!


1. He sure plays a mean pinball: TOMMY
2. Theater District cheesecake place: JUNIORS
3. There she is... Godspeed...: TITANIC
4. Mame's bosom buddy: VERA
5. Broadway's Theater Magazine: PLAYBILL
6. Porgy's woman: BESS
7. Bernadette on stage, Meryl on film: WITCH
8. The Incident was this: CURIOUS
9. Verdon's husband: FOSSE 
10. Rannells or Lloyd Webber: ANDREW


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