Friday, July 31, 2020

Broadway Games: Which Came First?

Congratulations! You've made it through another week, in good health we hope. Here's our weekly game to bring you some theater related fun and stress relief. Today we bring back a favorite - Which Came First? Your job is to tell which thing happened first in each pair below. Good luck!

(Answers to last week's game are also below.)

Broadway Games
Which Came First?

1. Reeve Carney's Broadway debut OR the release of the Hadestown concept album?

2. The year Fiorello! and The Sound of Music tied for Best Musical OR the year Gwen Verdon won her last Tony Award for Best Actress in a musical?

3.  Benj Pasek OR Justin Paul?

4. The Minskoff Theatre OR the Uris (now Gershwin) Theater?

5. In Mean Girls: "I'd Rather Be Me" OR "I See Stars"?

6. In Broadway's Mamma Mia!: Carolee Carmello as Donna Sheridan OR Beth Leavel as Donna Sheridan?

7. The original Broadway productions of Hello, Dolly! OR How to Succeed... OR Fiddler on the Roof?

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GWhat are the three Broadway theaters with actual Broadway addresses?
EWhat was the venue for the 2019 Tony Awards?
HTRUE or FALSE: The miner's strike portrayed in Billy Elliot: The Musical really happened.
ALWhat is the most recent Broadway musical to win the Tony Award for Best Musical that was based on a novel?
SNWhat natural disaster is mentioned in Wicked and performed in The Wiz?
SLWhat team is featured in the musical Damn Yankees?

GThe Palace, Winter Garden and, appropriately, the Broadway all have addresses on Broadway.
EThe 2019 Tony Awards were held at Radio City Music Hall.
HTRUE: Events in Billy Elliot include the 1984-1985 UK miner's strike in County Durham.
ALFun Home, based on a graphic novel by Alison Bechdel, won the Best Musical Tony in 2015.
SNA tornado
SLThe Washington Senators

GWhat Broadway theater is the furthest uptown?
EWhat famous Broadway producer insisted that all of his shows had a predominantly red logo?
HWhat war is depicted in the play War Horse?
ALWhat show features "the oldest established permanent floating crap game in New York?"
SNWhat natural phenomenon is the basis of the show 110 in the Shade?
SLThe short-lived play Magic/Bird centers around what famous basketball players?

GThe Vivian Beaumont at Lincoln Center
EDavid Merrick, whose shows included the famous red and white Hello, Dolly! logo.
HWorld War I
ALGuys and Dolls
SNA drought
SLEarvin "Magic" Johnson and Larry Bird


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