Friday, October 23, 2020

Broadway Games: Finish the Lyrics!

Like many of you, I've spent my fair share of my quarantine time listening to cast recordings. You know how lyrics to songs get stuck in your head? It can be maddening! This week's game asks you to to finish the given lyric from songs that are in Tony Award-winning Best Musicals.  Good luck getting them out of your head! Bonus if you can name the song title!

Broadway Games:
Finish the Lyrics
Best Musical Edition

1. "Kiss today goodbye, and ______  ______  ______  ______"

2. "Put on your Sunday clothes when ______  ______  ______  ______  ______"

3. "There she is! Towering high, broad and grand - ______  ______  ______!"

4. "Your short hair and your dungarees ______  ______  _______  _______  _______"

5. "There's a fine, fine line between love and ______  ______  ______  ______" 


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