Thursday, October 15, 2020

The 2020 Tony Award Nominations

Crazy year, crazy season, right? Well, at this point I'm just thrilled to have some positive Broadway-related news to talk about. This afternoon, The 2020 Tony Award Nominations were announced. As always there are upsetting omissions, surprise inclusions, and "what were they thinking?" nominees. But isn't that always part of the fun for theater fans?

This year has some special qualifications, and that has caused some grousing on social media. Perhaps the most ridiculous complaint is that "everyone knows that all the best plays and musicals didn't open, so why bother?" Well, there were plenty of quality productions that did open, and in any given year, shows that open in the first half of the season in any given year are just as high quality as those that open in the spring. Remember, eight of the ten longest-running Broadway shows of all time opened early in their perspective seasons. 

Another opinion I keep reading about this year's Tony Awards is that not enough shows opened. I'm old enough to remember full seasons that were similar in number of eligible productions to this shortened season. There was 1985 where whole categories were eliminated for a lack of viable choices. Then there was 1995, when a total of four musicals opened - one book musical, Sunset Boulevard, one jukebox musical, Smokey Joe's Cafe, and two revivals: How to Succeed... and Show Boat.

So, here's what I think. I am thankful for anything that resembles normalcy. And I am grateful for something that is both theater-related and positive. I hope that we can all be happy for what is, not being negative over what could have been/should have been. "Normal" debate over the nominations, rooting for who we want to win, sure! Being ugly (and rude) over the fact that is happening at all, not so much. To each their own. I'm choosing gratitude.

How did we do?  When we first found out there were going to be awards, Mike and I posted our list of who we wanted to see being nominated. We only saw the 4 musicals that opened, so that's what we guessed about. You can read that HERE.

Jagged Little Pill  - 15 Nominations!

Moulin Rouge! The Musical  - 14 Nominations!

Tina - The Tina Turner Musical - 12 Nominations!

We were right on - we only missed 1! 

Jeff & Mike's 2020 Tony Award Nominations Predictions
Best MusicalJagged Little Pillx
Moulin Rouge!x
Tina: The Tina Turner Musicalx
Best Actor in a Leading Role in a MusicalChris McCarrellThe Lightning Thiefn/a
Aaron TveitMoulin Rouge!x
Best Actress in a Leading Role in a MusicalKaren OlivoMoulin Rouge!x
Elizabeth StanleyJagged Little Pillx
Adrienne WarrenTina: The Tina Turner Musicalx
Best Actor in a Featured Role in a MusicalDanny BursteinMoulin Rouge!x
Sean Allan KrillJagged Little Pillx
Daniel J. WattsTina: The Tina Turner Musicalx
Best Actress in a Featured Role in a MusicalCelia Rose GoodingJagged Little Pillx
Robyn HurderMoulin Rouge!x
Lauren PattenJagged Little Pillx
Best Book of a MusicalDiablo CodyJagged Little Pillx
Katori HallTina: The Tina Turner Musicalx
John LoganMoulin Rouge!x
Best Score Written for the Theater*Rob RokickiThe Lightning Thiefn/a
Best OrchestrationsTom KittJagged Little Pillx
Justin Levine, with Matt Stine, Katie Kresek & Charlie RosenMoulin Rouge!x
Ethan PoppTina: The Tina Turner Musicalx
Best ChoreographySidi Larbi CherkaouiJagged Little Pillx
Sonya TayehMoulin Rouge!x
Anthony Van LaastTina: The Tina Turner Musicalx
Best Direction of a MusicalPhyllida LloydTina: The Tina Turner Musicalx
Diane PaulusJagged Little Pillx
Alex TimbersMoulin Rouge!x
Best Scenic Design of a MusicalRiccardo Hernández & Lucy MackinnonJagged Little Pillx
Derek McLaneMoulin Rouge!x
Mark Thompson &
Jeff Sugg
Tina: The Tina Turner Musicalx
Best Costume Design of a MusicalSydney MarescaThe Lightning Thief
Mark ThompsonTina: The Tina Turner Musicalx
Catherine ZuberMoulin Rouge!x
Best Lighting Design of a MusicalBruno PoetTina: The Tina Turner Musicalx
Justin TownsendJagged Little Pillx
Justin TownsendMoulin Rouge!x
Best Sound Design of a MusicalJonathan DeansJagged Little Pillx
Peter HylenskiMoulin Rouge!x
Nevin SteinbergTina: The Tina Turner Musicalx

NOTE: We are THRILLED with the fuller featured acting categories!


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