Friday, July 2, 2010

POLL RESULTS: In the Good Ol' Summertime!


As we steam ahead toward the 4th of July, let's look back that results of last month's poll which asked:

What are your summer theatre plans?

  • 46% of you said: I intend to catch up on all the shows in New York.

Soon to be in A Little Night Music...

Me, too! Well, I'm going to re-visit a few, anyway. This summer I plan to see Bernadette Peters and Elaine Stritch in my other favorite revival from last season... A Little Night Music. I also will, as you no doubt have guessed, see Marin Mazzie and Jason Danieley in next to normal. And I hope to catch Kristin Chenoweth and Sean Hayes again in Promises, Promises. Ahh, who knows? Maybe a return to The Addams Family...

Soon to be in next to normal...

  • 20% of you said: I am in a summer production.
PLEASE write and tell us all about your adventures in summer theatre! I think it would make a great blog or two!
  • 20% of you said: I will be attending lots of local theatre.
Again, PLEASE write in with your experiences and give a shout out to your local theatres...I'll blog about it if it is theatre no matter how large or small.

The Chess Trio: Morton, Paice and Kushnier

This isn't exactly local theatre for me, but I am going down to Virginia this summer to see Signature Theatre's production of Chess with Euan Morton, Jill Paice and Jeremy Kushnier. A trio like that can't be too bad, and definitely worth the trip.

  • 7% of you said: I will be attending a summer theatre festival.
Maybe the third time will be the charm: PLEASE write and tell me about it. I'll pst pretty much anything you send in!

  • and 7% of you said: I need a break! No shows til September.
I'd rather poke my eyes out with a stick than go THAT long without a show!

But if you can't get to the theatre, or for trips to the beach, or just relaxing around the house, here is a great list of theatre books, from fellow blogger Jan.

And I can recommend these:

Author Seth Rudetsky with both books
AND [title of show]'s Hunter Bell
  • Seth Rudetsky's The Q Guide to Broadway. Lots of facts, trivia and his signature wit and wisdom.
  • Seth Rudetsky's novel, Broadway Nights. As he would say, "Ha- Larious!"
  • Christopher Bram's novel, Lives of the Circus Animals. Funny and contemporary.

A theatre novel by the author of the
book on which Gods and Monsters was based.

Plus, of course, you can check out the DVDs, CDs and books I recommend down and to the right of this (though I can't picture anyone lugging the Playbill Yearbook to the beach!).

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  1. Hey, JK, funny you should mention Chess. Signature Theatre is one of my local theaters- I live just a few minutes away. Last month I saw Sycamore Tree and [Title of Show] there, and Chess is definitely on my list (though I wonder what version of the show they'll be doing). I also have Seth Rudetsky's Broadway Nights on my Ipod. The hard copy was out of print, but I love the audio version because in addition to Seth's funny self, he got all these great theatre people to play different characters- Kristin Chenoweth, Richard Kind, Andrea Burns (who's a fabulous voice actor along with everything else- she's hysterical in this), to name just a few. Seth did his Deconstructing Broadway show in DC last month, and it was so much fun. I'm very lucky in that DC has a great theatre scene. But I'll be back in NYC in 2 weeks for Peters & Stritch and the last N2N performance with the current cast. Last weekend my mom and I saw The Winter's Tale (Shakespeare in the Park), and I caught up with This Wide Night before it closed. Alison Pill is so very talented.


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