Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Fantasy Vacation Via Broadway

Let me set the scene for you... in my "real life," I am a cubicle dwelling worker bee.  Granted our hive is kinda small, 3 groups of four cubicles.  I've heard of whole warehouse floors of them, so I guess I'm pretty lucky.  Still, my cramped little slice of the American Dream does not afford me a view of the outside.  So I compensate...

Around the edges of my cubicle are four Broadway showcards: The Kennedy Center productions of Company (Lynn Redgrave, John Barrowman, Alice Ripley and Emily Skinner), Sweeney Todd (Brian Stokes Mitchell, Christine Baranski and Celia Keenan-Bolger), the original Broadway showcard of Wicked and a special edition Disney's The Lion King.  Needless to say, they are carefully framed, and they'll basically have to take apart my cubicle to get them off the wall without my help.  But I digress...

So, on slower days, I stare at my posters and relive the fun and fantasy of each show.  (You may be wondering, "why those?" but that is for a future blog.)  Anyway, sometimes, I really let my mind go, and imagine myself actually in the settings of these shows.  Sure, I frolic with Boq, Fiyero and the girls at the Ozdust Ballroom.  And, I've gone pouncing more than once with Simba on the African plains.  I often imagine myself in Victorian England - sometimes hunting for Mr. Hyde, or picking a pocket or two with Fagan, but usually, I'm helping Mrs. Lovett try to catch a pussycat or two.  I get to New York a lot, so Company doesn't offer much of a "fantasy" getaway, though I do sometimes picture New York circa Fiorello!, or circa 70's Company, or even the 20's/30's either attending parties with Muzzy and Millie or at a speakeasy with Legs Diamond.

Today, though, I had to start thing about my last quarter vacation - Florida for Christmas, I think.  But before I came to that conclusion, I thought of a few places I'd like to travel were Broadway shows really for real:

The first two will probably come as a surprise to my friends who know I am not a beach person, but remember this is the ideal world of a Broadway musical...

The sandy white beaches call to you...

1.  The islands in South Pacific, war and all.  I mean, they are out of harm's way, the beaches are swarming with beautiful natives, Navy guys and Matthew Morrison with no shirt on!  And the weather seems perfect, never a cloud in the sky... and of course, the ultimate getaway, Bali Hai!

It's Ladies' Night every night at The Taverna!

2.  The island in Mamma Mia!.  It seems to have a history of unhibited sexual freedom, there are cool things to dive for, the best bed and breakfast on the planet, and everyine sings when they are happy or sad.  Hech, I can pack a linen suit and crash a wedding, or watch the boys go off to snorkel.  And the cougars are smokin' hot, too!

Away from the beach, now...

Have a picnic in the Austrian Alps...

3.  The mountains of Austria in The Sound of Music, but before the real trouble starts.  And of course, the novice Maria would be a great tour guide!  I always wanted to twirl around on a mountain top, too.

"Le Jazz" is tres "hot" in the Paris nightclubs!

4.  The Paris as depicted in Victor/Victoria, and not because of what it does to Norma Cassidy.  I think it is quaint, romantic and full of unique people, accepting of way more than people are today.

Candle lit cruises depart on the hour at the Paris Opera House

5.  While I am in Paris, I'd have to visit the Paris Opera House, but only if the tour includes the catacombs, complete with a boatride through foggy water with only candelabras to guide me...

Before Elvis left the building...

6.  I think I would have loved to have been at the actual Sun Records to witness what really happened with the Million Dollar Quartet.  Do you think Jerry Lee Lewis was as charismatic as Levi Kreis?

Those Bouvier gals sure know how to throw a party!

7.  The Grey Gardens manse during its heyday...a la Act One of Grey Gardens.  I'd have loved to be a waiter at one of Edie's parties!  Yes, a waiter...still fun with no messy strings after!

Dainty June and Her Newsboys
("Portland" is just off camera to the right!)

8.  I think a cool summer job/vacation might include touring the vaudeville houses during the peak of vaudeville, but only if I can be one of Dainty June's Newsboys.  You can call me Portland.

Another Openin' in Baltimore!

Baltimore, where the hair is big, and the hearts are bigger!

9.  A visit to Baltimore, circa Kiss Me, Kate, and then later circa Hairspray.  One city where you can see great theatre AND eat fried chicken and waffles is my kind of town!

It is a "Helluva" town!

10.  OK, I guess there is one New York City trip I'd love to take... I want to be the fourth Navy guy on leave with Gabey and his buddies in On the Town.

What Broadway musical offers your ideal vacation spot?  Please comment here or email me at  Bon voyage!

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