Saturday, July 31, 2010

Broadway Boys: Mr. August 2010


I have been looking for a reason to select this guy for Broadway Boys honors, and an announcement earlier this past month made it go from an idea to a reality. 

Just this past week, Mr. August 2010 took over a leading role in the off-Broadway comedy, My Big Gay Italian Wedding.  But he does have one Broadway credit, making him eligible - he was a long-running Fender in Hairspray.  National audiences may know him from the feature film The Big Gay Musical or from his starring as Will Parker in the First National Tour of the revival of Oklahoma!  Most recently, though, Broadway audiences have watched him strut his stuff (with most of it showing!) in the recent editions of Broadway Bares.

Seeking a fully-rounded career in entertainment, not onlky does this Broadway boy do stage, film and burlesque, he also directs his own film projects.  Currently,he is at work on a documentary about Broadway Bares and its 20 editions.  An associate of Jerry Mitchell, he has been active in the creation, direction and implementation of several editions of the popular show, and seems a natural for collaborating on this documentary with Mr. Mitchell.  As with everything "Bares," all proceeds will go to charity, and they a currently seeking donations to complete the film in time for release by next year's show.  At the end of this blog, there are a few links to related sites where you can find out more about the guy, his project and Broadway Bares.  And of course, you can always go enjoy him in My Big Gay Italian Wedding.

And so here he is, boys and girls...  Mr. August 2010.... Daniel Robinson!

Whether he is feeling serious...

...or edgy, Daniel Robinson
is one handsome guy!

In Times Square...almost smiling...

Here he is representing Hairspray
in the annual Mr. Broadway Pageant!

In the competition, he showed off his
roping skills, which he surely learned...

...when he co-starred as Will Parker in

the First National Tour of Oklahoma!

Promotional art for his feature film debut,
The Big Gay Musical,which also starred Broadway regulars
Andre Ward, Marty Thomas,Liz McCartney and Jim Newman

Promoting the film on a magazine cover with co-star, Joey Dudding

Here, he poses for his favorite charity,
Broadway Bares, when he did a "Solo Strip."

And for Broadway Bares 19.0 "Click It"...

he was either a tight end or a wide receiver
on the now famous "Fantasy Football Team."

But right now , he is most busy with
My Big Gay Italian Wedding...

...with co-star Anthony J. Wilkinson.
(I love it when he smiles!)

Here is a promotional video for his documentary on Broadway Bares:

For more information on Daniel and his projects, please visit:

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