Friday, July 30, 2010

Blogjack: The Responsibility Project's Young Broadway Series

Today I am totally blog-jacking another blog.  In this case it is PLAYBLOG on, which recently ran a blog about a series of videos featuring the "young stars of Broadway," each of whom discuss their craft and how the theme of "responsibility" effects their lives and their work.  The series, and others like it, are part of a larger effort by Liberty Mutual.

I am posting about this because: 1.  I think the whole Responsibility Project idea is one worth promoting; and 2.  I think it is important to support and show that the newer generation of Broadway stars are as serious and contemplative about their craft as their predecessors.

The three "young Broadway" actors are next to normal's Jennifer Damiano, American Idiot's Michael Esper, and Hair's Kyle Riabko.  Each offers insight into the impact of their show on them, their audiences, and of course, of responsibility.

I found all three to be honest, sincere and not at all self-involved.  Damiano's explanation about how she knows she's done her job is interesting, and the admission of just how much his personal experiences are a part of his performance really makes me respect Esper even more.  Riabko's discussion of protesters is particularly poignant given the current situation in Arizona and other places around the world.

For much more on the Responsibility Project, go to

Here are the videos:

Michael Esper

The Responsibility Project

Jennifer Damiano

The Responsibility Project

Kyle Riabko

The Responsibility Project

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