Friday, October 29, 2010

Broadway Crossword by Blog #3: The New Season: The Answers

Here, at long last, are the answers to Broadway Crossword by Blog #3!  I hope you enjoyed making/doing the puzzle!  Look for a new one soon, plus other new fun games for all of us theatre fans!

The answers are in RED.


17 Across

1 The first Yazbeck/Lane Broadway musical   Dirty Rotten Scoundrels
7 Star of Equus and the new How to Succeed...   Daniel Radcliffe
9 A superior producer of Sister Act   Whoopi Goldberg
11 He'll be driving Miss Daisy   James Earl Jones
12 Song title: "I Get a _______"    Kick Out of You
15 The writers of Elf also wrote the score to this movie turned musical   The Wedding Singer
17 The Sutton Foster revival   Anything Goes
19 Nervous co-star's recent almost solo musical   Everyday Rapture
20 Spider-Man's Broadway home   Foxwoods Theatre
26 Peter Parker's true love  Mary Jane Watson
28 Verge's locale  Madrid
29 The Book of Mormon's co-director had this hit on Broadway  The Drowsy Chaperone

48 Across

32 The new musical from the guys who brought us South Park and Avenue Q  Book of Mormon
34 She will be playing Peter Parker's true love  Damiano
36 Priscilla's pre-Broadway North American try-out town  Toronto
37 The play that will mark Brendan Fraser's Broadway debut  Elling
38 One of Brendan Fraser's co-stars  Denis O'Hare
40 The company behind Anything Goes  Roundabout
42 ______: A Memoir  Patti LuPone
44 Spider-Man's nemesis  Green Goblin
45 She's Queen of the Desert  Priscilla
48 He wrote everything Brief Encounter is based upon  Noel Coward
50 He sang a song from Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark on Good Morning, America  Reeve Carney
51 The ______ Painters  Pitman
52 He wrote Driving Miss Daisy  Uhry
54 Broadway's only currently running verse play  La Bete
55 A Life in the Theatre playwright  David Mamet
57 The only star of Time Stands Still that is making a Broadway debut  Ricci
58 He plays Andrew Jackson  Walker
59 How to Succeed's J. ______ Finch  Pierrepont


18 Down

2 The first show to play the Stephen Sondheim Theatre   The Pee Wee Herman Show
3 A state for Scottsboro   Alabama
4 TV show that made Justin Guarini famous   American Idol
5 Lombardi's female star   Judith Light
6 Broadway's new multi-media play   Brief Encounter
8 Song title: "_______, Yea, Yea"   Populism
10 Brian Stokes Mitchell won his Tony in this musical   Kiss Me, Kate
13 She's Miss Daisy   Vanessa Redgrave
14 Tony show for both LuPone and Benanti  Gypsy
16 What the women are on the verge of...   Nervous Breakdown
17 He's Bloody Bloody  Andrew Jackson
18 Kander and Ebb's new Broadway show   The Scottsboro Boys
21 Mrs. Warren's Profession star   Cherry Jones
22 Sutton will be playing this evangelist   Reno Sweeney
23 Scottsboro's Broadway Interlocutor   John Cullum
24 Lombardi's team  Green Bay Packers
25 Play from last season that will re-open this season  Time Stands Still
27 South Park/The Book of Mormon co-creators

43 Down

30 He will play the title character in Elf  Arcelus
31 He wrote the books for Hairspray, Annie and Elf  Thomas Meehan
33 The newest Scottsboro boy, he was once the Favorite Son  Joshua Henry
35 Spider-Man's alter-ego  Peter Parker
39 Boys' director/choreographer  Stroman
41 Anything Goes' tunes are by this guy  Cole Porter
43 Frank Wildhorn's Broadway-bound new musical  Wonderland
46 David Hyde Pierce won his Tony for this show  Curtains
47 Grey's Anatomy star who returned to Broadway this season  TR Knight
49 She was Tony nominated last season for Time Stands Still  Linney
53 Lombardi's first name  Vince
56 Lumley's hit TV show, abbreviated  Ab Fab

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