Thursday, October 21, 2010

LOGOS: Lombardi

Continuing from yesterday's "man" theme, and in honor of its opening tonight, let's take a quick look at the logo for the new play Lombardi.

Overall, I'd have to say that the logo, like the TV commercials, are in truly keeping with the audience they are targeting - men who love football.  And as such, the "message" of the logo is powerfully brief.  And interesting enough to get just a little more than the 5 second glance a Broadway show logo might otherwise get from the same potential ticket buyer.

The Windowcard

Start with football field green, a print style that is used on football jerseys, and a silhouette of a sports legend known for his "look," and a guy will pause.  A closer, and still brief glance will verify that the figure is indeed Vince Lombardi, trademark hat, horn-rimmed glasses and overcoat all on display.

A further roll down the ad confirms that is Lombardi, as the title is spelled out in that jersey font, in between a crude (perhaps locker room chalkboard-ish) diagram of a football field.  Let's appeal to national pride - is there anything more American than football? - and announce that this is *A New American Play*, important enough to be "ON BROADWAY."  "hmm," he is thinking, "my wife loves a Broadway show.  I wonder if she'd go for a show that I'd want to see?"

A quick, and closer look at the whole ad verifies at the very top, "Life is More Than Just a Game."  Oh, yes, sir, she might just want to go... after all, she watches each game with me at home and looks interested...

Oh, yes, this ad/logo works very well.  I should note, too, that the larger ads in the Times Square area and at the theatre all feature the producer's logo prominently, too.  The all-familiar NFL logo, which endorses the ads like so much collector's memorabilia.

The Lombardi Company

This ad works on me, too.  I really want to see this play.  And I am not a football fan.  At all.  But I am a fan of interesting people and of the cast.  And Vince Lombardi, Dan Lauria, Judith Light and Company are all very interesting folks.

Dan Lauria as Vince Lombardi

Finally, and I hope this is the case, should the play be a success, I can see future ads showing Lauria as Lombardi in a photograph.  And to court the ladies, perhaps one with Ms. Light.  Of course, a photo of the three Green Bay Packers/actors would appeal to a lot of people.  My money is on that!

Grade: A+

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