Saturday, October 30, 2010

POLL Results: Rock-tober Tricks and Treats


Thank you to all of you who took the time to vote in this month's two polls!  A new poll for November will post on November 1st!

POLL #1: Which is your favorite pop/rock musical on Broadway?

0% - Mamma Mia!
I guess I am a little surprised that no one voted for this show, considering who popular both the stage show and the film are worldwide.  Maybe it is hard to call it a "favorite"...

2% - Million Dollar Quartet
I guess I am a little surprised that any one voted for this show, considering the critical disfavor and lack of audience it receives each week.  Maybe Levi Kreis is excellent enough to make it a favorite.  Or maybe those of you who saw it went the night the real Jerry Lee Lewis played...

6% (each) - Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson/Jersey Boys
I certainly appreciate both, though I really loved BBAJ and didn't much care for JB.  Still, I am surprised that there weren't more votes for Frankie and Company.  And I can certainly recognize that BBAJ might not be everyone's cup of tea...

8% - American Idiot
The one show that actually started life as a rock album, the show seems like it would be more popular.  It is a live music video, with amazing performances.  Way better than most people can even fathom, I am, unfortunately, not surprised that so few people voted for this one.  And it is a shame.

22% - next to normal
A huge leap in the number of votes from the rest of the pack, it gratifies this fan of the show that so many others also love it so much.  For me, it is the perfect mix of pop, rock and theatre music, all played in the rock band idiom.  One of the many things I love about it.

56% - Rock of Ages
To be perfectly honest, I had no idea which show would end up on top.  I could have lived with Jersey Boys, and would have been disappointed had you voted for Million Dollar Quartet the most.  But Rock of Ages, really?  And in such numbers!  You ROA fans really come together.  I will admit and fully support that this show does have a great rock score.  You are reading the musings of one whose high school and college years were punctuated by 80's rock.  And that is really the very best element of the show.  Rock of Ages, I/we salute you!

POLL #2: Which Halloween-ish show is your favorite?

0% (each) - Lestat and Young Frankenstein
Considering the flops that both of these were, I'm not at all surprised that the vampire entry and the monster entry didn't get any votes.  What is interesting, though, is that I got 3 emails each saying they'd have liked to see Dance of the Vampires and Frankenstein (the off-Broadway musical) as choices!

16% - The Phantom of the Opera
I am a little surprised that there weren't more votes for this one, considering the international phenomenon this show is.  But it is old, and really has that been-there-done-that feel to it.  Plus, unless you saw Howard McGillin's take on it, the Phantom isn't all that scary.

20% - The Rocky Horror Show
There wasn't a single vote for this one until Glee aired this week.  This perennial at Halloween parties for decades makes perfect sense, with or without the Glee effect.

24% - The Addams Family
Well, I am finally starting to feel like less of the Uncle Fester of the Theatre Blog world.  For awhile I was a lone voice in support of this fun show.  But look at this!  The second most favorite in the poll!  Here's to all you creepy, kooky and all together ookie people!

40% - Wicked
Since no one does witches better on Broadway than this show, I am not surprised that this show won (I would have voted for this one, too).  But I am surprised that it wasn't by much more of a margin!  I bet we'll see lots of pictures of little Glindas and Elphabas at our doors tomorrow night!


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