Saturday, March 12, 2011

GAME: All "Eyes" on Broadway

I don't know about you, but I love eyes.  LOVE them!  Beyond the initial "check out the total package" looking I do when I'm looking, it is generally the eyes that either attract me or turn me off completely.  And I'm not just talking sexual attraction, here, either.  I mean in that "the eyes are the windows to the soul" kind of thing.  You could look like a Macy's Thanksgiving Parade baloon or Olive Oyl from the neck down, and I'd still want to at least be friends if your eyes are pretty/sexy/honest/smiling/shy.  (Jeff took his shallow pill today...)

Anyway,  here are some eyes from people involved in shows this season.  Can you identify the person and the show?  There are guys and dolls here, and not all of the pictures are from production stills.  I'll start off with an example from NEXT season!  Good luck!


But, of course!  He's Spider-Man from Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark!

1.  Its been a long season... from American Idiot to How to Succeed...

2.  She's de-lovely for a former ogre.

3.  She's not mad, she just loves head gear.

4.  These eyes are so important, they have become the ad for this show!

5.  She's the boozy wife of a Super Bowl legend.

6.  What a year this has been - first she believes in Santa, now she believes in the Shirelles!

7.  One minute he's the "favorite son," the next he's a civil rights icon.

8.  The view on a show is certainly different when you are a producer.

9.  This gal is on the verge of attempted murder, but kills a terrorist instead!

10.  He is straight from the Nortrh Pole.

11.  He must be a saint.  Who else comes into his own show to revive the box office...3 times!!?

12.  Rock star for President!

13.  The cutest couple of this next season!

14.  He's a master of disguise.  Just ask the F.B.I.

15.  He's a Super Boy, alright!

16.  Man, those Mormons are yummy!

17.  She's a two time Tony-winner.  Get the picture?

18.  There's no magic about it.  This guy is a triple-threat!

19.  In drag or out, this hair-y hottie is a Broadway star!

20.  He's as de-lovely as his co-star.

Well,  how'd you do?  If you got 20 out of 20, I'd say you have perfect vision!  (sorry...)

Look for the answers in tomorrow's TheatreScene.


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