Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Masterpiece Theatre: Broadway Bares 2011 & More Bares News



Every year, I look forward to the unveiling of the new Broadway Bares theme and campaign, and this year, for the first time, I was disappointed.  On paper, the theme, Broadway Bares XXI: Masterpiece sounds like a great idea.  After all, the bodies on display each year really are sculpted pieces of statuesque art all by themselves.  And, just like every year, the title is chock full of double entendre possibilities.  Instead, the posters, by SpotCo and brilliant photographer Andrew Eccles, come off as surprisingly literal.  The three posters represent spins on famous works of art: Roy Lichtenstein’s “Girl With a Beach Ball”,  Michaelangelo’s David; and Matisse’s version of Icarus.  I suppose that the adoring crowds staring at the "art" with what appear to be bidding paddles over the "private" parts is supposed to be titillating.  Instead, it comes off kind of stiff (and not in the way Broadway Bares normally conjures up that term).  After all, since these representations are so close to, and so carefully recreating of the originals, what is so "naughty"?  No one ever covers the genitals on the David, or puts a censored sign over the breasts of a woman in a painting.  Is the sign, therefore, supposed to make us think something naughty?  I kinda giggled when I saw them.

To be completely fair, though, they are, as always well done posters, with obviously a lot of work and time (all donated) put into them.  And maybe a few more places would be inclined to display them.  So, in that respect, the posters are a success.

Then, too, are the fun and very sexy "rotators" - pictures that match this year's theme that serve as background to the pages at  Each and every one a lovely "rendering" in a golden frame.  (One might wonder if Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark would be a huge(r) success if Spidey stunt man/ensemble member Brandon Rubendall (above) flew around the Foxwoods in a gold frame ONLY!)


And in even more Broadway Bares news... this Sunday at Splash Bar is another edition of Broadway Bares: Solo Strips, called Spring Fever.   This version features Dave August, (Naked Boys Singing!), Tony Guerrero (Broadway Bares 19 and 20), Tyrone Jackson (Baby It's You!), Andy Mills (Memphis), Brandon Rubendall (Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark), Kellen Stancil (The Lion King), Charlie Sutton (Catch Me If You Can), Rickey Tripp (In the Heights) and Matthew Skrincosky (Broadway Bares 16 - 20).  The cover charge is only $10!  Show times are 8 and 10 PM. 


Finally, you have only until Friday to donate to Bared the documentary film about the 20 seasons of Broadway Bares.  The documentary itself will become a fundraiser for the "mothership of Broadway charities," Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS and its associated charities including the Phyllis Newman Women's Health Initiative and others.  Click on the link below to see the video and to make your donation.

For more information, tickets and to donate to BC/EFA and Broadway Bares, go to: and/or

(Photos from Broadway, by Andrew Eccles.)

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