Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Mr. Broadway March 2011: Van Hughes

Mr. Broadway March 2011:
Van Hughes

WHY HE'S MR. MARCH:  Today, Van Hughes takes over the lead of a Broadway musical, which is surely one of the highlights of his young career.  I celebrate him this month, too, because he proves that tenacity and staying with something will eventually pay off, and it has.  He started out his journey with American Idiot as a standby for all three main male roles.  As luck would have it, he got to go on several times in each part, most recently spelling John Gallagher, Jr., who was on vacation while Melissa Etheridge was on as St. Jimmy.  Shortly after that, the new cast members were announced that would start today, March 1, and he was named the new Johnny.  With such a varied resume and success in all media, this young man is really going places.  Congratulations, Mr. March 2011, Van Hughes.

  • Currently appearing in: American Idiot as Johhny
  • Birthdate: April 20, 1983.  He's 27.
  • Other credits: Broadway: 9 to 5: The Musical, Hairspray; Off-Broadway: Saved; Commercials: Verizon, Comedy Central, TV: voice over work for Nickelodeon, Law and Order: SVU, Six Degrees, As the World Turns, One Life to Live; and film: Tenure, Sex and the City I and II.
  • Website: http://www.vanhughes.net/
  • Look for him at: http://www.americanidiotonbroadway.com/


Even his headshots ooze charisma!

Saved: The Musical: TOP to BOTTOM:
Hughes (center) and company; (right) with Celia
Keenan-Bolger; (right) with Curtis Holbrook,
John Dossett and Aaron Tveit.

Sex and the City II


Red Carpet Hughes: 9 to 5: The Musical...

...Hairspray (Las Vegas)

...and American Idiot

In American Idiot with Melissa Etheridge

The American Idiot concert at Joe's
Pub for Broadway Impact

With two other Broadway Boys: Curtis Holbrook and Nick Adams


Saved: The Musical - "Life is Screwy"

TV Commercial Reel

Is it the hair?  the eyes? the smile? the serious look?  I'm going to say "all of the above" when trying to describe how Van Hughes has the "It Factor."  Like I said, this guy is really going places!

(Videos all embedded from YouTube.  They are not my personal property.  No copyright infringement is intended or implied.  Images from Getty Images, Playbill.com, and vanhughes.net)

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