Friday, March 28, 2014

LOGOS: New and Improved Beautiful Bridges

Whether it is because a show is settling in for a long run and the logo needs some Times Square level sprucing up, or because the marketing needs some serious overhauling, most shows update their advertising from time to time for many reasons.  Even iconic logos get changed from time to time (I'm thinking The Lion King and Mamma Mia! and others).

Out with the old...
... in with the new

The show that looks like it is settling in for the long haul is Beautiful: The Carole King Musical.  Gone is the retro photo of Ms. King; in is Jessie Mueller as Ms. King.  Gone is the plain yellow (and not a flattering shade at that;, in is a similar, but much warmer shade with gold - nothing says success like gold in records or in shows.  Keeping things consistent is using the same title lettering and piano key "ledge."  Not a complete change, but a definite upgrade.  Grade: A What do you think?

What was...
...what is.

Another upgrade, but with more significant changes (needed, if they want bigger audiences), is the new logo push from the folks at The Bridges of Madison County. Like Beautiful, the through line of consistency is in keeping the title part of the original show logo, which suggests a rustic mid-Western feel for sure, just like the show.  The significant changes are all for the better.  Gone is the barn wood look that could have been a covered bridge or an Iowa silo, in is a romantic blue, starry sky... vast except for a single tree - the very one the dominates the stage.  Gone is the photo of a laughing Kelli O'Hara and the scruff of Steven Pasquale; in is a much more romantic pose of the two - Ms. O'Hara in lovely slip, eyes closed, Mr. Pasquale nuzzling that sexy scruff into her neck.  Sexy, romantic and still familiar.  I hope it works - this show is too good to fold so fast.  Grade: A  What do you think?

What shows have gotten a logo overhaul that you loved?  Hated?

What show logos are in desperate need of a re-vamping?

Let me know!!


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