Monday, March 10, 2014

HOT or NOT Round 12: The IF/THEN Edition

Whether you call her Idina Menzel or Adele Dazeem, that wickedly talented gal is headlining one of the most star-studded, talked about new musicals of the season.  And I do mean star-studded! In addition to Ms. Kazeem, the show boasts Tony-winner LaChanze and Broadway favorites James Snyder, Anthony Rapp, Jenn Colella, Jerry Dixon, Jason Tam, Ryann Redmond and Curtis Holbrook!  Yes, If/Then is certainly an interesting and exciting entry in the 2013 - 2014 season by any measure.  So just how "HOT" is this cast?  That is up to you to decide!  VOTE TODAY!  This poll will close at NOON on Sunday, March 16th!

For the twelfth time this season, it is up to you to decide who moves on to the finals in our quest for THE HOTTEST MUSICAL CAST OF 2013 - 2014!  Objectifying, I guess, but really also just silly fun.  That said, let me remind you that "HOT" is not just based on beauty or matinee idol looks or a killer bod.  Also up for consideration is their performance, their "buzz-worthy-ness," and the trajectory of their career.  Is their role this time around a milestone or a misery?  Are the chat rooms a-buzz with delight or humming with impending doom?  HOT to look at isn't enough to make it into the finals - even the cutest can be a "NOT"!  To see who has already made the finals, click HERE.

The poll follows the cast photos included for your consideration!  On the ballot, be sure to use the scroll bar to navigate the entire poll.  Rate each cast member on a scale of 1 "Ice Cold" to 10 "Smokin' HOT, by clicking the appropriate bubbles.  Vote for each of the cast members or some of them - that's up to you - and be sure to scroll to the end of the ballot and click "DONE" to make your vote count!

REMEMBER: The poll is AFTER the cast photos!  Thanks for voting!

Idina Menzel

Jerry Dixon, Anthony Rapp
James Snyder, Jason Tam

Jenn Colella, LaChanze
Tamika Lawrence

Joe Cassidy, Miguel Cervantes
Curtis Holbrook 
Tyler McGee, Joe Aaron Reid


 Stephanie Klemons, Ryann Redmond
Ann Sanders

Marc DeLaCruz, Charles Hagerty

Jackie Burns, Janet Krupin 
Pearl Sun

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