Tuesday, December 29, 2009

2009 in Review: JK's Theatre Awards, Pt. 2

Yesterday, I named 30 winners in 26 categories covering non-performance achievement on Broadway. Today, will do the same (27 winners in 25 categories) in performance related achievement on Broadway. Again, this year, December 1, 2008 - November 30, 2009 counts as "2009." (If you can think of a snazzy name for them, send it in!)


Best Chemistry: TIE: Haydn Gwynne and any Billy Elliot (ABOVE, with Trent Kowalik); and Adam Chanler-Berat and Jennifer Damiano as Henry and Natalie in next to normal; and Malcolm Gets and Will Chase in The Story of My Life.

Best Change of Heart: The return of almost all the English lyrics in West Side Story.
Best Last Minute Change: The new "I'm a Believer" curtain call at Shrek: The Musical.

Best New Song Written for a Broadway Musical: "Superboy and the Invisible Girl" from next to normal.
Best Broadway Catchphrase: "Huckadoo!" from Memphis. It works in any tone and any mood.

Best Show I Missed: The Neil Simon Plays, both Brighton Beach Memoirs, which opened, and Broadway Bound, which did not. (ABOVE)
Best Graceful Exit from Broadway: The Neil Simon Plays. The producers' statement was the most sincere, heartfelt "I'm sorry we have to let you go" speech in employment history.

Best Understudy - Male: Jay Armstrong Johnson in Hair. If you see a little white slip with his name on it, be thankful. You are in very good hands.
Best Understudy - Female: Jessica Phillips in next to normal. If you see a little white slip with her name on it, be thankful. You are in very good hands.
Best Replacement: Kyle Dean Massey in next to normal. (ABOVE)

Best Debut: Kate Baldwin in Finian's Rainbow
Most Under-appreciated Actor: Malcolm Gets
Most Under-appreciated Actress: Haydn Gwynne
The Grin and Bear It Award: The Cast of Shrek: The Musical

Best Kiss - Straight: TIE: Cheyenne Jackson and Kate Baldwin (ABOVE) in Finian's Rainbow (romantic!); and Adam Chanler-Berat and Jennifer Damiano in next to normal (aww).
Best Kiss - Gay: Kieran Campion and Austin Lysy in The American Plan (steaming hot).
Best Kiss - Period: Billy's kiss goodbye to Michael. I get a lump in my throat just thinking about it.

Best Surprise Show: Memphis. I went in with no expectations and left flying high. (ABOVE)
Best "Hit" Show*: West Side Story.
Best "Flop: Show*: The Story of My Life.
Best Challenging Show: next to normal.

Best Non-musical Performance in a Musical: Jim Norton in Finian's Rainbow.
Best Broadway Performance Not on a Broadway Stage: The Cast of Glee.

Broadway Star of the Year: Angela Lansbury. Do I really need to explain why?

* - "Hit" and "Flop" per the definition in Variety.

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