Friday, March 19, 2010

Broadway Crossword by Blog: The Divas, Part 3

Welcome back to the second Broadway Crossword by Blog!  If you are just joining this blog (welcome!) or are just joining this puzzle, click HERE for Part 1, and HERE for Part 2!

At this point, you should have the first 11 rows filled in, with some of the later "down" answers dangling into later rows.  Remember: Any unaccounted for blocks after you fill in your answers you can assume are black squares.

Here are the clues with instructions.  The clues written like a normal crossword puzzle are below, along with pictures that ARE clues to the clues!  Good luck!

1.  Row 12, Block 5.  26 Down: 6 Letters: He played Edna.
2.  Row 13, Block 18.  27 Down: 6 Letters: Little Women author.
3.  Row 13, Block 31.  28 Down: 12 Letters: She played Golda Mier*  SEE BELOW
4.  Row 14, Block 7.  29 Across: 13 Letters: She won a Tony for Ragtime.
5.  Row 15, Block 28.  30 Down: 12 Letters: Victor and Victoria.
6.  Row 16, Block 1.  31 Down: 7 Letters: Show for Velma and Roxie.
7.  Row 16, Block 12.  32 Down: 11 Letters: Edie and Little Edie were the subjects of this musical.
8.  Row 16, Block 21.  33 Across: 4 Letters:  According to her, "Everything's Alright."
9.  Row 16, Block 30.  34 Across: 4 Letters: Simba's girl.


29  She won a Tony for Ragtime
33  According to her, "Everything's Alright"
34  Simba's girl


26  He played Edna
27  Little Women author
28  She played Golda Meir*
30  Victor and Victoria
31  Show for Velma and Roxie
32   Edie and Little Edie were the subjects of this musical

* ANSWER: Tovah Feldshuh.  BUT when I put the answer into the crossword program, I misspelled her first name, which effects further clues.  So for this puzzle, spell the answer TOVAFELDSHUH.  Sorry!  And my apologies to Ms. Feldshuh.)

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