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February Poll Results: The Most Romantic Couple on Broadway

Well, readers, it is good to know that in spite of a cold, snowy February (for most of us on the East Coast, anyway), we still found time to be romantic!  OK, you took 2 seconds to click on a Broadway couple that you feel is romantic.  Whatever!  The spirit of the poll - and your response to it - were in the right spot.

One thing I found out, that wasn't on the poll is that several of you felt that the Phantom and Christine should have been on the list... hmmm.  I think of them more as stalker/stalkee than potential lovers.  But maybe it's just me.

Another thing I found out is that we, as a group, are pretty open-minded about our romantic coupling favorites.  Within the choices, I tried to be all inclusive - straight, gay, interracial, interbestial (is that the word?), and just about all types ended up getting votes. 

There was a 5 way tie for third place!  With 7% of the vote each, your third favorite romantic Broadway couples were:

3.  Amalia and Georg from She Loves Me: Perhaps the most "traditional" couple on the winning list, they also embody the very notion of a "love-hate" relationship. through post office delivery!

Judy Kuhn and Boyd Gaines in the Roundabout Theatre Company revival of She Loves Me

3.  Raoul and Christine from The Phantom of the Opera: In love since they were kids, these two have much more to worry about with a murderous psychopath on the loose.  Even Coney Island, apparently, isn't far enough to run!

Ryan Silverman and Jennifer Hope Wills in the Broadway production of The Phantom of the Opera

3.  Emile and Nellie from South PacificIt was bigotry, not war, that nearly kept these two apart.  It's a good thing Ensign Forbush washed that silliness out of her hair and went back to her man!

Paolo Szot and Kelli O'Hara in the Lincoln Center Theater revival of South Pacific

3.  Princeton and Kate Monster in Avenue Q: It might have been the Bad Idea Bears and Long Island Iced Teas that started the ball rolling for these two, but I think this fuzzy duo was meant to be together from the start - man or monster, who cares!?  It's love!

Original cast members Princeton and Kate Monster smile big for the backstage cameras at Avenue Q

3.  Belle and the Beast from Disney's Beauty and the Beast: Not a spell, a bad self-image or anger issues could keep these meant-to-be-togethers apart.  In the moonlight, dancing in the ballroom or just sharing a good book, these two are the very model of romantic love!

Steve Blanchard and Sarah Litzsinger from Broadway's Beauty and the Beast

With 15% of the vote, here is the second most romantic Broadway couple!

2.  Albin and Georges from La Cage aux Folles:  At times as opposite as oil and water, these two couldn't be kept apart no matter how hard the morality police (or Prop 8) tried!

Broadway's originals : Gene Barry and George Hearn

Broadway's first revival: Gary Beach and Daniel Davis

And Broadway's current "it" couple: Douglas Hodge and Kelsey Grammer

And... with a whopping 46% of the vote, your favorite romantic Broadway couple...

1.  Tony and Maria from West Side Story:  When it comes to love, who can resist this tragic pair?  Shakespeare sure couldn't when he came up with Romeo and Juliet, and neither can we as Tony and Maria dance and sing their way into our hearts...

The Broadway originals: Carol Lawrence and Larry Kert

Three pairs from the current Broadway revival of West Side Story:

Josefina and Matt C.

Josefina and Matt H.

Josefina and Jeremy J.


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