Monday, March 1, 2010

Broadway Boys: Mr. March 2010

It probably seems like I go see a show and immediately select my Broadway Boy of the month from that show.  Sometimes that is the case - like last month - sometimes it isn't (I never did see Jonny Lee Miller in After Miss Julie, but he was Mr. October 2009, anyway).

Well, this past Saturday, I ventured off-Broadway to see Yank! at the York Theatre Company and instantly fell into the charms of one Bobby Steggert, a young actor that has had everyone a-buzz for a few seasons now.  (My complete review of the show will post tomorrow.)  I had always thought, once I saw him, he'd probably show up in one of these blogs, though I really thought it would have been last month after I saw his acclaimed performance as Younger Brother in Ragtime.  We all know how that played out.

But better late than never, right?

Bobby Steggert

Mr. Steggert is one of those actors you see and instantly feel that they have something most others don't.  Call it the "It Factor," "great talent," whatever.  Whatever it is he has it in huge supply.  This young man commands the stage every second he is on it, be it with a glance, a small gesture or a gorgeously sung song.  As is usually the case with people like him, you want to watch every single second of his performance, and he seems to innately know this.  But being the consummate, natural performer he is, he knows how to guide you away from him to where your focus should be, too.

I first heard of him when he had a small supporting role in the revival of 110 in the Shade with Audra McDonald and Will Swenson.  Then I heard about him in a different production of Yank!, then in a series of performances at benefits and different cabarets.  Finally, it looked like he hit the big time with a role in the rapturously reviewed Ragtime, but that was short-lived.  Then, fortunately for him and us, he was snapped up for the off-Broadway debut of Yank!

Already, his career has taken him all over the place literally and dramatically, with productions like Speech and Debate, Shakespeare's R & J, and The Slug Bearers of Kayrol Island.

You can't help but be taken in by his talents, he shy but huge smile, his soulful eyes, and his wonderful voice.  This guy is going to be huge someday.  For now, he is Mr. March 2010 in this little piece of the Blogosphere.

Mr. March 2010: Bobby Steggert

3 Shows: 110 in the Shade, Yank! and The Slug Bearers of Kayrol Island

Shakespeare's R & J

110 in the Shade

Yank! at The Gallery Players


Getting soaked for a fan photo op and autograph

Bobby (seated) with fellow Broadway Boys Ivan Hernandez, Curtis Holbrook and Tally Sessions at NEO, a concert at York Theatre Company

Yank! at York Theatre Company with current co-star, Ivan Hernandez.

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