Thursday, March 25, 2010

Broadway Crossword by Blog: The Divas, Part 4

Welcome back to the second Broadway Crossword by Blog! If you are just joining this blog (welcome!) or are just joining this puzzle, click HERE for Part 1, HERE for Part 2, and HERE for Part 3!

At this point, you should have the first 16 rows filled in, with some of the later "down" answers dangling into later rows. Remember: Any unaccounted for blocks after you fill in your answers you can assume are black squares.

Here are the clues with instructions. The clues written like a normal crossword puzzle are below, along with pictures that ARE clues to the clues! Good luck!

1.  Row 17, Block 3.  35 Across: 10 Letters: Sherrie in Rock of Ages
2.  Row 18, Block 21.  36 Across: 12 Letters: Harold's wife in The Full Monty
3.  Row 19, Block 1.  37 Across: 9 Letters: The object of Phantom's obsession
4.  Row 19, Block 4.  38 Down: 4 Letters: She recently directed Vanities: The Musical
5.  Row 19, Block 6.  39 Down: 6 Letters: She co-wrote Shrek
6.  Row 20, Block 12.  40 Across: 11 Letters: La Cage's original Zsa Zsa
7.  Row 20, Block 15.  41 Down: 11 Letters: Albert Peterson's secretary
8.  Row 21, Block 8.  42 Across: 5 Letters: Bernardo's girl

35  Sherrie in Rock of Ages
36  Harold's wife in The Full Monty
37  The object of the Phantom's obsession
40  La Cage's original Zsa Zsa
42  Bernardo's girl

38  She directed Vanities: The Musical
39  She co-wrote Shrek
41  Albert Peterson's secretary
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