Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Broadway Crossword by Blog: The Divas, Part 5

Here is the 5th set of clues for the Broadway Crossword: The Divas.

If you are just joining us, click on the Broadway Games link above and scroll down to the appropriate puzzle.

Remember:  You can consider all unaccounted for squares either as black or as squares used from previous clues.  The clues are also given below in regular crossword puzzle style, and the pictures down there are also clues to the answers.  Good luck!

1.  Row 22, Block 18.  43 Down, 6 Letters: The other of the Hilton Sisters as depicted in Side Show. (along with 4 Across)
2.  Row 23, Block 15.  44 Across, 10 Letters:  Betty Buckley played him.
3.  Row 24, Block 2.  45 Across, 11 Letters: She was Evita.
4.  Row 25, Block 21.  46 Across, 9 Letters: Peggy Sawyer's hometown.
5.  Row 25, Block 26.  47 Down, 7 Letters: Once on this Island is her story.
6.  Row 26, Block 2.  48 Across, 11 Letters: Liza in the movie; Natasha in the revival.
7.  Row 26, Block 3.  49 Down, 5 Letters: She's The Little Mermaid.
8.  Row 26, Block 10.  50 Down, 5 Letters: Both Blood Brothers loved her.


44  Betty Buckley played him
45  She was Evita
46  Peggy Sawyer's hometown
48  Liza in the movie; Natasha in the revival


43  The other of the Hilton Sisters depicted in Side Show (along with 4 Across)
47  Once on this Island is her story
49  She's The Little Mermaid
50  Both Blood Brothers loved her

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