Thursday, August 8, 2013

Bare Gets Revival in L.A.

Let me start this blog with a disclaimer: I have nothing to do with this production.  No one involved with this production has contacted me to promote the work, solicit funding or offer compensation for this blog.  I am writing this blog because I believe in the show and its continued relevance.  And what better day to giver a shout out to the Los Angeles revival of Bare: A Pop Opera than on the 15th birthday of The Trevor Project - an organization that could have certainly changed the course of the lives of Jason, Peter and their friends.

As of this writing, there is still a week left for you to help make this production happen.  Yes, as you will see, they have met their Kickstarter goal, but why not contribute so that the production can be even better?  Here are the producers and cast members on why Bare is such an imporant work, even in light of all the recent progress in LBGT equality.

And HERE for the link to their Kickstarter page.

If that isn't enough, you HAVE to check out these nifty "posters" that are circulating to advertise the show! (Click each to make them larger and/or to see them as a slide show.)
All production photos: Photography by Nicole Priest, styling by Ramsey Wild

Peter and Jason

Jason and Ivy (left)  Jason and Nadia (right)

Lucas and Tanya

The Adults

Nadia vs Ivy

The Clique

The Company

For more about the show:
On Facebook:
For tickets:
The Trevor Project:
Trevor Lifeline: 866 488 7386

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