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Bits and Pieces for 05.02.2010

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I love it when an underdog is a success, even if I don't like the show (like Rock of Ages).  I don't wish anyone failure.  But when I love an underdog and it succeeds, like Memphis, I am really excited for everyone involved.  Needless to say, I am thrilled that the show has caught on and is playing most of the time decent houses.  So, when this week's announcement came that the show is being turned into a film musical I was pretty happy - you'd think I was a producer of the show or something!  I was glad to hear that most of the songs would make the transition, and that t would be using songs in a presentational style, i.e. "in a recording studio," "at the radio station, " etc.

David Bryan (right) with Memphis stage stars
Chad Kimball and Montego Glover
So, now I guess I can get ready to root for the new Joe DiPietro and David Bryan musical, Chasing the Song, all about the Brill Building's inhabitants jusr before the Beatles came and changed everything.  Good luck with that, boys!


One of these years, I need to get my ass in gear and get to an Easter Bonnet competition show.  They always sound so great - hot boys and girls from shows dancing, moving skits, hilarity, and amazing hats.  Then there is the oldest living Ziegfeld Girl, Doris Eaton Travis (above, center), who at 106, puts The Phantom of the Opera to shame - she's the longest running show in Broadway history.  She appears every year, and dances better than most of us can who are less than half her age!  $3,265,700.00 was the total raised in this season's drive, which is not bad for a bad economy year at all.  From the pictures, Inthink my favorite bonnett was worn by Leslie Jordan (below).  It was stylish, show appropriate - all pink, and it was a big as he is!

All of this year's bonnets

I've never been so glad to be wrong.  My first thought, when it was announced that Bret Michaels was suffering from a brain hemmorage was that it had to do with the mishap at last year's Tony Awards!  You probably recall that during the opening number, Michaels got bonked by scenery.  I was glad to hear that doctors specifically ruled that incident out, and that since then, they think his prognosis is good.  Now, let's hope that that doesn't become a joke at this year's Tony Awards, unless he appears and makes the joke himself.  Otherwise, poor taste!


The Addams Family - Broadway version

You have to admire the folks over at The Addams Family.  Despite scathing reviews, they know thay have a hit on their hands, grossing over $9M in 6 weeks.  And their timing is impeccable.  First, the day after the reviews came out, they announced that the cast recording was being made that very day.  Then to pre-empt any possibility that the Best Score category would be eliminated (at the time they were one of 2 possible nominees) the day the Tony committe met for the last time, a national tour was announced.  The show may stink (I haven't seen it yet, so I can't say), but you have to admire the hutzpah.  Critics be damed - you won't be the death of the show, afterall!


Jbara (left) with original Broadway Billy Trent Kowalik

Starting May 4, Gregory Jbara will be returning to the role that earned him a Tony Award last year.  That's right, Billy's dad is back.  Only this time, Greg won't know all of his sons, since the original Billy have all left now.  If you haven't caught Jbara in Billy Elliot, you are really missing a terrific performance.  Get to the Imperial!

2: The number of Best Score possible nominees, or so we thought, before April 30.
5: The number of Best Score (written specifically for the theatre) possible nominees, after April 30.

Happy Birthday last week to:

4/25: James Barbour
4/26: Carol Burnett
4/27: the late August Wilson
4/28: John Pankow
4/29: John Waters
4/30: Johnny Galecki
5/01: the late Junius Brutus Booth (actor and father to Edwin and John Wilkes)


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