Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Let This Be a Lesson to Me...

...and an apology to you!  I'm so sorry that a fresh blog entry did not appear today.

But I do owe a "thank you" to fellow New Englander, Mike Taylor of Concord, Mass.  Mike was the one who alerted me to the fact that no new blog appeared today.  Actually, he emailed, sweet thing, to see if I was alright!  "Jeff, man, you never miss a day!  Hope you aren't sick or anything!" he writes.  And there were some other nice compliments, a really great idea -Mike, you'll get full credit for it when I write about your idea - and even a decent criticism (thanks for that, too...).

Anyway, Mike and everyone else, I am fine.  My trip to NYC this weekend was AWESOME, and I will have at least two blogs about it this very week.  But right now, I have to confess I committed a breach of the very first computer rule today.  I did not back up what I had written for today's blog.  And what's really kinda funny about that is that I am almost religious about saving a copy until the blog actually posts just in case something happens.  Like this.  (Mostly I back up because I usually write 3 or 4 of these a day, and then don't write for awhile, only checking to be sure they post.)

But, nooooo.  Last night, I typed right on the Blogger template,  It was, I have to say, a pretty decent rant on the recent spate of articles that lament the lack of decent roles for women this season.  I guess my self-righteously smug attitude after completing it really bit me in the ass, because here we are.  Apparently, I didn't hit "publish this" or "save as draft" because it is GONE!  That's what I get, I guess.

Wait... unless Steve on Broadway has some connections that got it erased because I hate Everyday Rapture and he loves it, even turning my own words against me..."navel-gazing" HA!  Just kidding, SOB!  (Steve on Broadway, not the swear word!) Before you write, Steve has been one of my biggest supporters since day one of this...I really am kidding.  (But not about Rapture...I really do hate it...)

And so, faithful readers... I will re-post/re-write my blog about the lack of roles for women this season tomorrow.  Though I'm sure it won't be as good as the original, and I know for sure it won't post at the usual noon time.

Thanks again for your understanding.  And if you need a real fix, go back to that day in March where I posted 3 blogs in one day!

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