Sunday, September 4, 2011

Broadway Jigsaw Puzzles III: Goodbye!

Here are three more theatre-related jigsaw puzzles, this time with the common theme that they are from shows that close today.  Click on the links to start each puzzle.  Enjoy!

Jigsaw Puzzle #7 (70 pieces)

The Off-Broadway cast of Death Takes a Holiday.  The Roundabout Theatre Company production was preserved on an original cast recording, due to be released later this fall.

Jigsaw Puzzle #8 (100 pieces)

Baby It's You told the story of Florence Greenberg and The Shirelles.  Oldies but goodies flowed in this jukebox musical, which closed at the Broadhurst Theatre today.

Jigsaw Puzzle #9 (117 pieces)

Catch Me If You Can, which closes today, featured a slick and sleek logo on its Playbill cover.

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