Friday, September 16, 2011

More Broadway Milestones

It has been quite a week for Broadway shows, with several shows marking milestones.  Here's a quick look at the ones that happened this week (September 12 - 16, 2011)!


September 12: The starry revival of Follies opened to mostly enthusiastic reviews at the Marquis Theatre. took all of the major reviews into consideration and gave it an average score of A-.  (Talkin' Broadway was the major nay-sayer giving it an "F".)

Ron Raines, Bernadette Peters, Lora Lee Gayer, Nick Verina
Photo by Joan Marcus

The Follies Ensemble
Photo by Joan Marcus


September 14:  Mamma Mia! became the 10th longest-running Broadway show in history with its 4,098th performance at the Winter Garden Theatre, surpassing the run of Miss Saigon.  The show will celebrate its 10th year on Broadway on October 18th.

The Dancing Queens: Donna and the Dynamos on September 14.
Photo by Joseph Marzullo

Nothing says long-run record like cupcakes!
Stacia Hernandez, Lisa Brescia and Jennifer Perry
Photo by Joseph Marzullo


September 14: Spider-Man:Turn Off the Dark welcomed its 500,00th audience member, Jordan Muir an 11 year old from Australia.

Patrick Page addresses the audience as the cast looks on.
Photo by Krissie Fullerton

The Green Goblin introduces Spider-Man's
500,00th audience member Justin Muir (and family).
Photo by Krissie Fullerton

The Muir Family at the Foxwoods Theatre, with a special edition
of The Daily Bugle, one of Justin's special commemorative gifts.
Photo by Krissie Fullerton

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