Friday, September 21, 2012

I Am Sick of Broadway! (#SickofBway)


Over the past few days, news has broken about a potential revival of Les Miserables on Broadway.  First it was The Hollywood Reporter interviewing Alfie Boe, a former/current/sometimes Jean Valjean, who told the paper that he "was in negotiations to play [the role] on Broadway in 2014."  The Internet was abuzz.  Then Cameron  Mackintosh responded that, in fact, the new staging was something he had always thought of bringing to New York.  BUT he also said it wasn't even in the discussion stage, as the touring company was going gangbusters with bookings into 2014, it would be at least 18 months before it could happen, anyway.  As for casting, he hadn't given it much thought, but that Boe would always be considered along with a handful of others.

Or is it a nightmare?

Add to all of that the news that the film version of Les Miserables would be pushed back to Christmas Day (big shock there, right?) AND the release of an "extended look" at the film, and Les Miz is EVERYWHERE these days.

And then, yesterday, I finally had enough of the news, the Tweeting (does Aaron Tveit know he has Twit-stalker??) and the endless debate about who should be in it, what theatre it will go in (18 months out, and people are SURE it will be the Winter Garden), and blah blah blah.  I came to a very blunt and, even for myself, surprise realization:


Oh, I'll go see the movie - a shirtless Hugh Jackman, and counting all the furtive glances Aaron Tveit gives to Eddie Redmayne's crotch and ass (it's in all of the movie stills), plus the lovely Anne Hathaway are enough to keep me entertained.  But I am DONE with the show.

So I quickly asked the Twitter-verse, "Are there any Broadway shows you are sick of?"  I got a few responses - not enough to be scientific - but the 8 or so I got were all the same shows.  Here they are in alphabetical order, along with some comments I got:

1.  Grease  I'm guessing the title speaks for itself?

2.  Gypsy "It is a great musical, really.  But they revive it like every 3 years or so.  At least give us a decade before Sutton Foster gets her shot at it!"  Hmmm.. maybe 2 decades?

3.  Into the Woods "Enough already!  The first revival was too soon.  The second even more too soon. And I'm tired of hearing it will/it won't come to Broadway."  "As the song says, 'Please...NO MORE!'"

4.  Love Never Dies I found it interesting that none of the responses I did get said The Phantom of the Opera, but that 2 of less than 10 mentioned the ill-fated sequel.  "Let it die!"  "No one cares about what happens to these people - a murderer/terrorist, a marginally talented diva, and what turns out to be a drunk aristocrat!"  Ouch.

5.  Mamma Mia! "It has become a joke, just like Cats and the original Les Miz.  Let it go with some dignity."  "When most of the audience doesn't even speak English, it is time to close the show."  Harsh!

6.  Wicked "I am more sick of the fans than the show itself, I guess.  Tired of hearing who went on as the 4th student at Shiz at the matinee." "Funny, for a show that doesn't send out much more than casting news, it seems like it's all u hear about."

7. ANYTHING by Tennessee Williams  "What next? An all-Martian cast of The Glass Menagerie?"  "Didn't he write more than 3 plays?"  I laughed my ass off at those Tweets!  Thanks!

So, what shows (and why) are you SICK OF HEARING ABOUT!!??

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You people are a riot!

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