Thursday, September 20, 2012

Sex Sells

Rock of Ages: James Carpinello and
Amy Spanger (Off-Broadway)
Everyone knows that sex sells.  Even on Broadway.  Rock of Ages does it with tongue-in-cheek 80's hard rock sleaze.  Mamma Mia! has been doing it for over a decade with teasing poses of a horny Pepper trying to seduce a bathing suit clad Tanya, and Sky surrounded by his buddies all suited up, sexy chests exposed.  Heck, even the middle-aged get their groove on with cute pictures of Rosie and Bill Carmichael rolling around the taverna.  These days, though, Mamma Mia! stays traditional AND has amped up the sex appeal.  Check out these new pictures!  You already know you're gonna love it!  (The posters say so...)

First, the new cast, traditional...

Rosie and Bill

Pepper and Tanya

Sky and the boys...

...the faces may change, but the pose hardly does!

Now a touch sexier.

Gone are Rosie and Bill...
in are Sophie and Sky

Tanya with ALL the guys - funny how
they have the same costumes on, but
it looks like so much...less!

And, of course, since it is about actors in the porn industry, it comes as no surprise that the promo pictures for The Performers are sexual... funny, but sexual.  Poor Cheyenne Jackson...

Click the pics to make!

Mamma Mia! production photos by Joan Marcus
The Performers photos by Matt Hoyle

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