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Broadway Ladies: Ms. January 2014: Beautiful's Anika Larsen

Ms. January 2014
Anika Larsen

WHY SHE'S MS. BROADWAY: She's been an actress that I've seen several times in all different venues, and I have always enjoyed her work.  She's a career stage actor that can do it all - comedy, camp, drama, sing, dance, roller skate and have puppet sex.  I've seen her off-Broadway in Miracle Brothers, on tour and on Broadway in Avenue Q, and on Broadway in Xanadu.  And I am looking forward to seeing her in Beautiful. But I have to admit that it was her moving, inspiring story as told by An;ka Larsen herself on (HERE).  It says it all about the woman and the Broadway community.  It also explains why she is the perfect Ms. Broadway for January 2014.


  • She grew up in Cambridge, Massachusetts. 
  • She studied acting at Yale.
  • She's one of ten kids of, as she describes it, "all different races and countries," some adopted.



  • Her professional debut came when she joined the L.A. Company of RENT, and she later made her Broadway debut in the same show.
  • She likes to say that she's the only person to be in the original casts of both Xanadu and Zanna, Don't!
  • She's appeared in the National Tour, Broadway and off-Broadway Companies of Avenue Q.

In RENT as Maureen and Mrs. Cohen

Check her out in cut costumes from All Shook Up
(Check out a young Cheyenne Jackson, too!)

As Kate Monster in Avenue Q

Xanadu and Zanna, Don't!


  • Her family was the subject of an autobiographical musical called Shafrika, The White Girl, in which she also starred.
  • Among her regional credits was Paper Mill Playhouse's Godspell, and Signature Theatre's The Boy Detective Fails.
  • Just before Beautiful, she was in the cast of Disaster!
  • Her most recent off-Broadway appearances include Unbroken Circle, Closer Than Ever, Myths and Hymns, and How to Save the World and Find True Love in 90 Minutes.
  • Now, she and Mr January play couple Cynthia Weil and Barry Mann in Beautiful: The Carole King Musical.

Shafrika, The White Girl

Godspell, The Boy Detective Fails

Top to Bottom: Unbroken Circle
Closer Than Ever
Myths and Hymns

Beautiful: The Carole King Musical

Mr. and Ms. January 2014: Beautiful Together!

Check out her terrific website HERE.


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