Friday, January 17, 2014

Broadway Things That Make Me Happy: January 2014 (Part II)

As I mentioned last week, this year, I'm going to try to be more positive, and that includes appreciating things about Broadway.  This week, there were plenty of things to be happy about!

2 for 1 tickets:  I finally got around to trying for tickets to Broadway Week this year, and I am glad I did!  Thanks to that promo, I'm getting to go back to Matilda, in practically the same seats I got to see it before!  I'm happy and feeling a little bit naughty, too...
2-for-1 + Matilda = PARTY!
Upcoming show announcements: This week saw a ton of show announcements, and three have me really looking forward to the future.  One of my favorite plays of all time is coming to Broadway at the very end of the season, with one of my favorite performers, The Cripple of Inishmaan is the play; Daniel Radcliffe is the performer. Next season will see what I call an "event play": The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time is such a play: emotional, creative and theatrically staged.  I can't wait!  And also next season, a revival of one of my favorite musicals of the 90's, with one of the most amazing scores ever: Titanic.  The first time around, I loved it before Rosie O'Donnell put her stamp of approval on it.  I can only imagine how the social media hounds today would have lapped up all that drama!

Epic Theatricality
Epic Star-Power
Epic Story-telling
Back to the drawing board: I've professed my love for theatre caricaturist Squigs many times before.  His drawing for Beautiful makes me smile.  I love me some Jessie Mueller, and he has captured her perfectly!

Family first: I get emotional thinking about how the Broadway community rallies around national causes.  They are unparalleled in giving.  But it also warms me, and makes me happy, when they rally around one of their own, too.  Such is the case with the cast of Motown: The Musical who gathered to produce the song and video below to support their friend and castmate, Valisia LeKae.


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