Friday, August 6, 2010

Broadway Drinking Game: Belly Up to the Bar!

In honor of Katie Finneran's Tony-winning turn as Marge in Promises, Promises, I have gathered together lyrics from several musicals - on and off Broadway - that mention liquor.  Some are easy, some are challenging, but all of them are just for fun!

Name the song and the show!  (Answers will be in "Bits and Pieces for 08.15.10".)  Raise a glass to life!

  1. "Dream of Pappy, very happy, with his jug of mountain rye"  
  2. "You're Napoleon Brandy."
  3. "Hand me the wine and the dice..."
  4. "I’m fine.  Here, have some wine.  This is holy wine! The Father hasn’t blessed it yet.  In that case…"
  5. "Another beer?  What for?  Nothing helps..."
  6. "I know a whoopee spot where the gin is cold, but the piano's hot..."
  7. "Another reason not to move, another vodka stinger!" 
  8. "Keep your eyeball on the highball in your hand."
  9.  "Cause you're a boot-wearin', beer-drinking, Chevy-driving man."
  10. "We'll order champagne - the 'Moo-ey' something"
  11. "I crawled across the desert with my belly in the sand, with men who loved their camels and their brandy..."
  12. "Down on Beale there's a honky-tonk bar.  So hear the wail of a blues guitar.  Have a beer and drop a dime in the blind man's jar."
  13. "Over here, boy.  How about some ale?"
  14. "37,000 bottles of wine, beer and spirits!"
  15. "If I go mean. If I go mad. Blame it on the Gin."

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