Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Broadway Game: He Sang, She Sang (Part I)

Inspired by my recent trip to Virginia to see Signature Theatre's Chess, I thought it might be fun to gather quotes from Broadway shows that are dialogue, but sung (as in through-sung musicals so popular in the 80's and 90's).  In looking through my various CDs and librettos, I found that sung dialogue has been a staple long before and since the golden years of Les Mis and Miss Saigon

In making this list, I narrowed it down to 40, and present the first 20 to you today.  And in recognition of those of you who have written to tell me my games are too easy or too hard, we can do this one by level.  Beginners: name the show it comes from;  Intermediates: name the song title AND the show it came from, Experts (which wouldn't even include me had I not made the list myself): name the show, the song title AND who is singing to whom!

Example: "You want to lose your only friend?  Well, keep it up.  You're doing fine!" Show: Chess Song Title: "You Want to Lose Your Only Friend?"  Sung by Florence to Freddie

Really, all of these are difficult out of context, but where possible, I included significant clues from the lines I picked.  Finally, they are arranged on the list in alphabetical order by the title of the show they came from. (The, A or An as the first word?  I alphabetized by the second word.)

Good luck!  And please send me suggestions for the next round...  Look for the answers in "Bits and Pieces for 08.29.10"

1. “They’re normal people. Not like you, not like me. Please, can’t we be an average family?”
2. “I am here to tell you we can never meet again. Simple, really, isn’t it?”
3. "Please promise me you'll answer truthfully." 
4. “Hey, kid, failed your test? Dream girl unimpressed? Show her you’re the best. If you can shoot a president…”
5. “You make that very small apartment we share a hell.”
6. “Did ya hear the story of the Johnstone twins?
7. “As long as the room’s to let, the fifty that I will get is fifty more than I had yesterday.”
8. “How many women would drive themselves crazy by arguing over a game of chess?”
9. “I zipped through your book, and the characters jumped to life on the page. Now we’re at the stage where I bring them to life on the screen.”
10. “Today is for Amy. Amy, I give you the rest of my life.”

11. “There was that waitress back in Kansas City, built for comfort, dumb, but pretty!”
12. “Where have all the good men gone? And where are all the gods?”
13. “What I want? That’s easy asshole – I want a job!”
14. “I like to shower every morning, and I don’t like your panties wringing wet on the rod. And if you have to leave your razor on the sink, you run the risk that I’ll turn into Sweeney Todd.”
15. “I wanna be that girl, in the mirror there!"
16. “Put the chafing dishes on the garden ledge, once the gardener has finished with the hedge.  Chill the vichyssoise and heat the veal!"
17. “Yoo hoo! My stomach’s a little sour. I haven’t had food in over an hour.”
18. “Do you really think that I would ever let you go? Do you think I’d ever set you free?”
19. “Come and lie with me, love.”
20. “Will you please shut up? Will you ever shut up? ‘Thank you very much!’”

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